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April 2005 Newsletter
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In This Issue: April 2005

Thursday, April 14, 2005
7:00 pm
West Village Care Center
1610 3rd Street NE
Independence, Iowa

Hosts: Joe and Mary Robinson

Josh Spece, owner of In the Country Gardens and Gifts, will speak on Hosta at the garden. Hosta varieties include many color combinations, leaf shaped and sizes. One of those staples of the shade garden and helper (hide it under a Hosta) around the pond.

Directions: Highway 939 is the main east west road in Independence. From Highway 150 take 939 east to 16th Avenue. Then north on 16th Avenue to 3rd Street.

I received these directions to the next meeting. They are so fun I am passing them along. Enjoy. No names.

Directions to the West Village Care Center, 1610 3rd st NE Independence. Coming into Independence on 150N go past the Dairy Queen on the left (yes I know it's hard) Go through the first stop light (Casey’s on right) turn right at the next stop light (bank on left) You will be on 1st St E. Go through the next stop light (do NOT follow 150N) Following the green street signs on the left, go past a Mercy Care on the left and turn left on to 15th Ave NE. (Benton County Secondary Road sign on the right) If you see the hospital on the left you have went too far. Go to the stop sign. Turn right onto 3rd Ave NE. Go about 2 1/2 blocks. There will be a big green West Village Care Center sign on the left.

______ says this is way too much info, but as a women giving the directions, we tend to use places of references instead of north, south, etc. Hope it is not muddled and people will come.

Saturday, April 23, 2005
Meeting at 4:00pm
Dinner at 5:00pm
Speaker at 6:30
Gill & Monica Morley & Elena Murillo
6702 Spring Cove CT NE
Cedar Rapids

Master Gardner, Deb Walser will be showing how to build a Terra Cotta Fountain. Come visit with Deb, get some ideas, look at her other fountains, she will be bringing several with her. Gill & Monica & Elena will be grilling for us. Come and enjoy.

Directions: From I-380 in CR exit on Boyson Rd and travel east to Rolling Creek Road, turn right.

Our March meeting was held at Culver’s Landscaping in Marion. We spilled over the number of seats that were set up for us, putting us amongst all the displays and intertwined about the gift shop. President, Kacy Novak, called the meeting to order. She began by thanking the members that worked the club’s recent information booth at the Kirkwood garden fair and commended Greg Bickal for the class that he taught during the event. She also asked that the Newsletter (Carol Sindelar) and program committee members be recognized for the great job they have been doing. The year’s meetings are nearly filled up and speakers have been arranged for. Only a few meetings exist without assigned speakers. If you have a topic or speaker in mind, please contact them.

Next, Kacy introduced our guest speakers from Culver’s. They both passed pictures and spoke about the newest plants to come to market. Amanda told us about the new perennials and annuals that we will be seeing this year. An orange cone flower was added to this writer’s list of must have plants, but there were lots of colors and exciting things to look forward to. Chad, told us about new shrub’s and trees. A new series of Railroad Pines (dwarf conifers) which will be carried at Culver’s was enough to warrant a return trip in the Spring. They gave us a quick walk through the greenhouses, which were beginning to show signs of the mass flowers they will display in another month. Culver’s open house is April 22-24th.

Following our trip through the greenhouse, Kacy introduced some other special guest. Jamie Beyer, president from the Central Iowa Water Gardeners club, and Tom Graham, production manager for KOI Magazine, San Diego, had come over from Ames to meet our group. Jamie spoke briefly about the Pond Seminar their club was hosting. Tom was one of the special speakers they had brought in to talk at the seminar. Tom spoke about his experiences with ponding and did a short Q&A for the group. He spoke about Koi as art, photographing fish, and feeding koi for proper growth.

Next, we were back to business as the minutes to the previous meeting were ok’d and a treasure’s report was giving. Joe Olsen, chairman of last year’s pond tour, had presented a request from the Buchanan Co. Master Gardeners for support for a landscaping project at the Lee Mansion in Independence. The club voted to present them with a 500.00 check for their project.

Larry Tharp still has a few extra “once a year” fertilizer tabs, if you are interested in purchasing them at .25cents a pack.

EIPS will be setting up an informational table at the Indian Creek Nature Center plant sale, May 7th from 9:00-12:00. If you are interested in volunteering, please notify Kacy.

I, Jackie Allsup, brought a flier with a check list of things to look for to complete a spring pond checkup, before starting your pond.

The club voted to give a donation of $100.00 in memory of well known speaker, master gardener, and friend, Ken Lafferty. His wit and wisdom will be missed by all.

Before we closed, Kacy shared a story about her new dogs. The pups came to them mid-winter, so they had been used to walking across the frozen pond. Seems one warm day, they finally fell in and caused quite a commotion. They have also been dragging her water lilies out, pots and all, and dragging them across the yard. Sounds like Kacy has her hands full.

Door prizes were drawn for with Rita Tharp, Andi Quinn, Dennis Sindelar and Alex Hoveden being the luck winners.

Following the meeting, many members went to the Pizza Ranch to enjoy dinner and some additional conversation.

Respectfully submitted...Jackie Allsup

I have been asking Jackie to give us (me) some idea what this Koi Herpes is all about in language I can understand. This month she came through and we have an article in some what layman’s terms. Hopefully this will set aside some of our fears if we are not introducing new fish to our ponds.

Roger Thompson sent along a product review. Since we ponders are always connecting something to something and expecting it to hold water, this might be exactly the gadget you are looking for. Think about rain barrel possibilities.

And just because I have space to fill and don’t mind bragging. I found two, new to me, functions on my computer since the last newsletter.. One is the ability to type over a picture. And the other is the symbol list. So you may have noticed I used the Registered Trademark symbol and the degree symbol. Pretty good for being self taught.

Well have a great April. May and June will be here before we know it and with it. Planting season!!!!

EIPS EDITOR — Carol Sindelar

Saturday, March 12th, previous to our meeting, several EIPS members met early in the morning for a March POND TOUR! Yes, you read it right, a pond tour. It seems Jamie Beyer was showing Tom Graham from San Diego around and wanted to bring him over to meet our group and to see some of our club member’s ponds. I was sure to preface this tour to Tom to make sure he understood that we weren’t doing any of these other wise beautiful ponds justice. I’m not sure if he understood what we northerners have to go threw with our ponds during the winter. I am sure it was a good learning experience for him. Our route took us to see Doug Perdy’s pond, Herman Michaels pond and fish, the Kloubec fish farm, Carol and Dennis Sindelar’s pond and fish, and Greg Bickal’s pond and fish. It was a fun day and a real treat to talk with Tom and learn from his experiences. I wanted to thank pond club members that joined me in giving Tom and Jamie a nice EIPS warm welcome. Well, maybe warm is not the right word, because it was darn cold out there but thanks anyway for opening your homes, helping to drive, and helping to show Tom what a great organization EIPS is...Jackie Allsup

By Jackie Allsup

Have you been reading about the mysterious disease infecting our Koi and wondered what all the hub bub is about? I saw Carol ask in a recent newsletter. So, as the club’s KHA, I thought I’d try to sum it up as quickly as I could so as not to put all you good people to sleep.

Simply put, KHV is a viral disease that can cause 80-100% mortality in affected ponds. Since it is viral, it has no known cure. The disease seems to affect only our ornamental Koi. Other related cyprinid species such as the common goldfish and grass carp seem to be unaffected.

Ever get a cold sore on your mouth? Not that it’s the same thing at all, but the cold sores we commonly get are also caused by a herpes virus that we contacted some time in our lives and carry with us. There is no known cure. KHV is a viral infection, also. KHV is believed to remain in the infected fish for life, thus exposed or recovered fish should be considered as potential carriers of the virus.


Clinical signs of KHV are often non-specific. The onset of mortality may occur very rapidly in affected populations, with deaths starting within 24-48 hours after the onset of clinical signs. KHV infection may produce severe gill lesions. Behaviorally, affected fish often remain near the surface swim lethargically, and may exhibit respiratory distress and uncoordinated swimming. External signs of KHV may include gill mottling with red and white patches, bleeding gills, sunken eyes, pale patches or blisters on the skin.


The virus appears to have an incubation period of 14 days following introduction. Temperature seems to be a secondary trigger. Mortality related to KHV typically occurs between 65 degrees F and 81F. Almost no mortalities occur below 64F and there has been no reported occurrence of the disease at or above 86F.


Positive diagnosis of KHV requires the assistance of a fish health specialist and laboratory. Fish must be euthanasied prior to sample collection, however. No non-lethal diagnostic test is available.


There is no known treatment for KHV. Studies have shown that fish may develop a natural resistance following viral exposure if water temperatures are increased to 86 degrees F. More importantly these surviving fish become carriers of the virus. These carrier fish may spread this disease to new fish that have not been exposed before. Because KHV outbreaks have caused large losses at Koi and common carp facilities, and because there is still come concern over the possibility that survivors are carriers, anyone with Koi that have been diagnosed with KHV should consider depopulation (eliminating the entire population) as a good option. This approach should be followed by a disinfecting of all materials and systems that have contacted the infected fish.


Quarantine is the most dependable method to avoid introducing KHV to a pond.

KHV is, to date, a devastating disease that has wiped out entire Koi farms, retail businesses, and individual ponds, killing off thousands of dollars worth of fish. It doesn’t distinguish between the 50,000 dollar Koi or the 2 dollar dime store Koi. Because it only affects our hobby fish, the USDA has chosen not to do the very expensive studies it takes to develop a vaccine. Koi lovers all over the world have recently joined together to independently begin to raise donations for developing our own independent studies.

AKCA (American Koi Clubs of America) which EIPS belongs to, is also calling out to all participating clubs to ask it’s members for donations, either from the club or private individuals. They are giving any individual that donates 5.00 or more a very nice lapel pin to show their appreciation. Donations are tax deductible. Contact me, Jackie Allsup if you are interested in making such a donation. 934-3665.

** Quarantine
** Water Quality

If you are interested in helping out a committee or have some ideas, just give the chairperson a call. * indicates chairperson.


*Bonnie Happal 232-4054

Joe & Mary Robinson 474-2236

Roger & Shirley Thurm 984-5369


*Kacy Novak 362-0487

Bonnie Happal 232-4054


*Monica Morley 294-4866

Gil Morley 2294-4866

Elena Murello 294-4866

Dorothy Helms 472-3158

Marilyn Oliver

Jackie Allsup 934-3665


No volunteers


* Harold & Barb Cassens 472-3178

Jackie Allsup 934-3665


* Herman Michels 366-1789

Susan Highshoe 373-0645

Joe Olsen 334-2709


*Robert Hollenbeck 849-1188

Jackie Allsup 934-3665


*Carol Sindelar 365-1839

Rita Tharp 396-3293

Roger Thompson 854-7229

Dennis Sindelar 365-1839

Tim Nolan 363-9408

Jackie Allsup 934-3665

The program committee has worked hard to plan out the year and the line up is looking good. But there are some opportunities still available for us to visit your pond.

Thursday, May 12th is our annual plant exchange and we need a location. All that is needed is a driveway or garage so we can set out our plants that we have brought to exchange. Just space.

If you can host a meeting. And remember, your pond need not be “ready”. We love to see works in progress. Sometimes they provide a learning opportunity a “ready” pond lacks. If you can host, contact Mary Robinson or Bonnie Happel:

jmrobin@iowatelecom.net (Mary)
lakeevansdale@earthlink.net (Bonnie)

We are also looking for speakers.

Contact Us

If you or a fellow member are not receiving your newsletter or not being contacted by e-mail that the current newsletter is available at our website, please contact us.

Our names, offices held, phone numbers and email addresses are on the back of each issue. For newsletter errors, contact the editor. Most other issues can be directed through Kacy Novak the president.

We are only volunteers doing the best we can. Please help us by keeping in contact.

Time to Renew Your membership!

Simply print out and fill in the membership form, mail it to our PO Box in Vinton, Iowa. Dues are $10.00. Make the check payable to EIPS or Eastern Iowa Pond Society. If you do not have time to do it right now, tear out the form and place it in your bill paying pile so it will not be forgotten. We would hate to have your membership expire.

Flower Web Sites

If you were at the meeting at Culver’s Greenhouse on March 12th and enjoyed the new plants for this spring but would like more information. Check out these web sites of the producers of those plants.


These sites offer plant listing with great pictures and growing information. Sorry we are unable to tell you which plants came from which producers. But enjoy.

Just a reminder fish lovers. The June 24-26 AKCA seminar in Tulsa OK is coming quick. It's $375.00 for all events (couple), but there is a $50.00 per couple discount if you register before April 1st and an additional $50.00 discount per couple if you are a first time goers. So that's $100.00 off the regular price. Hotel rooms are an additional $80.00 per night. I'm sign up to go. If anyone wants additional information they can go to the AKCA web site or email me and I can tell you what I know.

Seminar includes: 2 days of classes, large Tradeshow, Friday BBQ lunch, Saturday lunch Saturday Banquet, Sunday pond tour Single prices are less. Jackie

March 13, 2005, pond water temperature 33 degrees: The Water Mint is sprouting new green leaves! Burrrr.

We'll be taking hyacinth orders again. Please place your orders by April 23. Email Jackie at Cedarserviceja@aol.com or phone evenings 934-3665.

Hyacinths = 1.50 each
Water lettuce = 1.50 each

There are other plants available. You'll have to ask.

By Roger Thompson

Why use an expensive bulkhead when you can use a Uniseal®? Just drill a hole in the pipe, tank or bucket, insert a Uniseal®, then put some Windex® on the end of the pipe and push it in. It’s that easy! Feel like rubber, but they are made of DuPont Alcryn® rated to 40 psi and warrented for 25 years.

They are immune to cold, will not harden and hold preasure and vacuum. The sizes correspond to standard Schedule 40 PVC pipe. They fit tank wall thicknesses upt to 1/2 inch. Made in USA.

from McNeary’s Arborists Inc.

One of the reasons that the Japanese people value an outstanding Koi is that they consider them to be living jewels. When Koi are purchased, they are looked upon as long lived creatures to be passed down from generation to generation. The story of the oldest recorded Koi is fascinating, and the information below is taken from June 1997 issue of Koi USA magazine. The full story is a transcription of a radio broadcast done by Dr. Koshihara, and first published in "Live Jewels" in 1968. It is reprinted verbatim in Koi USA, and my writing does not do justice to the event.

Hanako is the name of this Koi that lived at the base of Mt. Ontake. When Dr. Koshihara would call Hanako from across the pond, she would come to his feet to be petted on the head. Occasionally he would take her out of the pond and embrace her. This was his favorite spot at the side of the pond, and he went there often.

The pond is located deep in the mountains of the Mino Province. The waters are pure that feed this pond which is less than 20 feet across. Besides Hanako, there are five other fish that swim in this pond, and each is also old. They are 170 years, 155, 151, 141, and another 141 years old. The Koshihara family had been the village head for many generation from the time of the Tokugawa shogunate, and th( house and pond had been with the family since the beginning. Hanako died on July 17, 1977 at the age of 226 years.

How was Hanako's age determined?

Dr .Koshihara was often asked how he could tell the age of the fish, and he responded in the article as follows: As a tree trunk ( has its annual rings, so a fish has its annual rings on its scales, and we have only to count them to know the age of a fish. As a matter of course, we ourselves cannot do it. It requires a specialist's aid and the use ofa light microscope. Now, what was it that made me think of ascertaining the carp's age? My grandmother on maternal side, who left this world at the advanced age of 93 some eight years ago, is said to have been told by her mother-in-law. "When I was married into this family, my mother-in-law said to me, that carp has been handed down to us from olden times; you must take good care of that. When I was told this story I became very curious to know how long the carp had lived. I found out Hanako's age by the aforesaid method, but you can easily imagine how greatly I grieved when I was forced to take a scale off her beautiful body. I caught her in a net very cautiously, and repeatedly saying. Excuse me. I took off two scales from different parts ofher body by using a strong pincette. The scales were examined by Prof. Masayoshi Hiro, D. Sc. Laboratory of Domestic Science, Nagoya Women's College. It took two months for him to acquire a satisfactory result. By using a light microscope, he photographed every part of the scales. It seems he took a great deal more trouble than that. When it was ascertained beyond doubt that the carp was 215 years old, we two exchanged a look of delight and surprise.

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application

Note—this is a tentative schedule. That means don't keep it. Don’t go by it. Just read it now and enjoy what might be happening the rest of the summer. Then remember to read your newsletter each month to know what is really happening.

(Thurs) May 12th -7:00 p.m.
Location is open - plant exchange

(Sat) May 21st Amana
Kloubec Fish Farm ?

(Thurs) June 9th -7:00 p.m. Clinger.
Hosts David & Ruth Whittenburg
Speaker on exotic animals
They will be serving brats

(Sat) June 25th Cedar Rapids
Hosts Ron & Edna Rife
1200 34th St SE, Cedar Rapids
They will be making sand castings

(Thurs) July 7th -6:30 p.m. Pre-Pond Tour
Usually at one of the tour ponds.

(Sun) July 11th
Pond Tour location still to be determined

(Sat) July 23rd Toddville
Hosts Richard & Faith Miene?
7912 Morris Hills Rd, Toddville

(Thurs) August 11th -7:00 p.m. Robins
Hosts Clarence & Eileen Serbousek
100 Brougham Rd, Robins

(Sat) August 27th Alburnet
Host Greg Bickal at Shulista pond in Alburnet

(Thurs) September 8th -7:00 p.m.
Cedar Rapids?
Host Ruth Tharp

(Sat) September 24th Cedar Rapids
Hosts Robert & Roberta Ward
3313 Waveland Dr NW, Cedar Rapids
Building toad houses

(Sat) October 29th Cedar Rapids
Hosts Herman & Rosey Michaels
4297 Zeman Dr SE, Cedar Rapids
Costumed Halloween Party

(Sat) November Vinton
Vinton Pizza Ranch 219 W 4th, Vinton
Awards Ceremony, Roger Thurm will be showing movies of the pond tour

Now remember, this is only tentative. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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