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Sunday, July 8, 2007
4:30 pm
Gil & Monica Morley and Elena Murillo’s
6702 Spring Cove Court NE
Cedar Rapids, IA

2007 Pond & Garden Tour
No discounts for members.
Support your club

After the pond tour members are invited to Gil & Monica Morley and Elena Murillo’s home to enjoy dinner. The club is purchasing the meat from BBQ THIS!!!! and the drink.

For those who were not able to volunteer for the pond tour, we encourage you to celebrate with us.

Time to relax and enjoy good food and good friends!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007
6:00 pm
Harry and Jackie Allsup will be hosting
206 N 3rd St
Quasqueton, IA

Master Gardener, Joyce Robison, will be speaking on “Hybrid Lily-Queen of the Garden”

Bring your appetite, Harry’s firing up the grill.


South - Turn right on Spruce

North - Turn left on Spruce
2 full blocks - 3rd St 2 story green house on corner by Baseball diamond

June 14th Meeting

Our regularly scheduled meeting was held at Dorothy Helm’s home in Vinton. Dorothy fed us all a yummy dinner. The late Spring evening was perfect for sitting out beside her pond and visiting. Dorothy told us her pond was built by her children in 1995. It’s 2 feet deep and home to goldfish and many beautiful plants. Since we last were there, she has reworked it a little; adding a skimmer and biofalls. A new screened in gazebo also enhances its’ appearance. With a TV, DVD player and Boom Box, Dorothy says she spends a lot of time relaxing next to her pond in the gazebo.

President, Garry Hunerdosse, opened the meeting by reminding people that our next meeting is our “Pre-Pond” tour. He reminded everyone that we will be meeting at Jim Milden’s home and proceed to visit the other ponds from there. A volunteer list was passed around. There are still several open time slots that we need help with. Please call Gary or Monica if you can help. Becky Lynch mentioned that the Gazette was coming out to her pond to take pictures for an article on the tour, we hope.

He also asked for volunteers and ideas for the club’s Freedom Festival float, which we have decided to enter in the parade on June 23rd. The theme this year is Red, White and Blue. Several members threw out some ideas and suggestions in regards to its construction and how best to display our signs. Volunteers will walk along side Gary’s truck and hand out fliers promoting our upcoming pond tour.

Gary asked new members, Dave and Karen Freeden to introduce their selves. They live in the Swisher/Coralville area and have had a pond for 5 years.

We then re-discussed the proposal to donate $500.00, in the form of a scholarship, to a Kirkwood 2nd year student. This would be a possible annual scholarship, with the money coming from the proceeds of the annual pond tour. After, several stipulations were discussed, the club voted unanimously to proceed with this donation. Some of the requirements are: must be an Iowa resident, must come to one meeting, must summarize in writing why they need the money, money to be distributed in $250.00 increments per semester, and if the student drops out the second chosen alternate will receive the money. They must be majoring in landscaping, golf course management, a DNR program or like studies.

One clarification was noted to last month’s minutes. Regarding the Expo, it was mentioned that members got a $1.00 discount on entrance fees with a club membership card. This was not true; there was not a discount for members.

There was no treasure’s report given.

17 door prizes were handed out. Janice Bell donated several “Pink” phlox to be given away. We thank her for sharing. (Be sure to bring any extra plants you may have to share to the Pond Tour. It’s a great fund raiser for the club.)

Meeting adjourned…………Respectfully submitted, Jackie Allsup

submitted by Pam Moore

Click for treasures report

Any questions contact Pam Moore diverpug@yahoo.com or 319-362-3375

By Josh Spece


Ask anyone what their favorite Hostas are… the variegated ones, the blues, the golds. How often do you hear the greens? Not often! This is unfortunate, because a garden needs green to provide a rest from the bright colors and bold variegation that is so popular. Some of my favorite Hostas are “just plain green.” One of those is ‘Bridegroom’

‘Bridegroom’ is a lively plant that should be in every hosta collection. Somewhat triangular shaped leaves are dark green with a satin-like sheen and small ripples along the margin. The most unique feature of this hosta is the way the leaves are slightly folded downward, leaving the leaf tip pointing to the sky. With a little imagination, it’s not hard to see where the plant got its name! ‘Bridegroom’ will form a two foot wide clump that is unmistakable.

I’ll admit that there are many green Hostas that are anything but exciting, but there are lots of unique and distinct green plants, too. Try a couple among your brighter, showier Hostas. I bet you will come to love them!

Pictures (download pdf newsletter above) and article by Tim Nolan

If you caught the Freedom Festival Parade on television you probably saw the Eastern Iowa Pond Society’s terrific entry.

The idea to have an entry in the parade this year was masterminded by one of our Co-Presidents, Gary Hunnerdosse. He suggested it at the May 26th club meeting, asking for volunteers at that time. His vision was to have his bright red pickup truck decked out with signs and other regalia, with pond club members walking behind and handing out information on the upcoming pond tour.

Well if you saw it you would agree, it was a great idea! Gary and Jo had rigged the truck to support our club banner (beautifully crafted by Erma Thompson) high above the cab facing forward, to announce our presence coming at you. There were numerous fish windsocks, (the bright colored ones Kasey Novak had given everyone on the tour last year) American flags, and even a fish spinner wind toy, attached high and all around the truck. Our new POND TOUR THIS WAY signs were there too making it very clear what this was all about. Gary and Jo had gone the extra mile in constructing large plywood signs to hang on the sides of the truck bed, emblazoned with our internet address: EIPS.ORG

Wow!! Easily readable and sturdy enough to be used year after year, there was no mistake that this was the pond club float. We had several members helping out. Gil Morley drove for us, Gary, Erma Thompson and grand daughter Taylor, Pam Moore, Rose Milden and Becki Lynch all walked behind and along side the vehicle, smiling and greeting the crowd while handing out the brochures on the pond tour.

But the most fun part of all of this was the star attraction……. Jo Hunnerdosse was wearing the famous Stephanie Geers fish costume, riding in the back of the truck in a sea of blue, waving to the crowd anging many smiles and laughs from the onlookers! Talk about a colorful, fun and informative parade float!!! It was really up beat. Literally, because we also had recorded music playing, courtesy of Pam and Curt Moore, via a boom box strapped to the top of the cab, loaded with the songs of summerd brin! Everyone had a great time, from the long wait in the staging area, all the way to the end. This was a pretty large parade with well over a hundred entries. You can be proud of the job done by your volunteers to promote the club and the tour. And you can be especially proud of Gary and Jo for putting so very much effort into this crowd pleasing display. It looked like so much fun this year, that it’s a good bet many of the members will want to do it again next year!

Get your camera out…... NEW contest in the works for September 22nd meeting at the Morley’s/Murillo home. The pictures will be an addition to the 2006 contest pictures. The public enjoys looking at the photo book at club events.

Here are the categories

People in the Garden
Flowers in the Garden
Best Overall Garden View
Most Unusal
Garden Statues
Fish and Frogs

Enter one or all categories
One picture per category

Pictures must be from your own home.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Lot of prizes.

Lots of fun.

If you missed last year’s contest, here is your second chance.

Size of picture


In The Country Garden & Gifts.

E.I.P.S. members receive a 10% discount. Must show your current membership card at time of purchase.

Are you looking for beautiful tropical lilies?

Take a drive to In the County Garden &Gifts. Visit with Josh. He’ll show and tell you everything you want to know about tropical lilies or any other water or garden plants you’re shopping for.

Thank you!!!

To the members who offered a kind word when suggesting a couple of improvements to be made on the directions. I appreciated your input . Carol Sanderson and Joe and Deb Holtzman to mention a few.


A Big “Thank You” goes out to Bob Hollenbeck for sending me the pictures for the newsletter.

Remember each time you send something in for the newsletter, your name will go into a drawing held in November for a great prize……...

Pre Pond Tour June 23rd

What a great time we had viewing the ponds. 47 members gathered at Rose and Jim Milden’s home. Rose served treats with a cool drink. Gary drove up in his red truck still decorated from the parade for everyone to enjoy. Several new members attended, David & Karen Frieden, Paul Wise & Joan Folkmann, Larry & LouAnn Jayne, James & Nancy Houtz, Tammy & John Millsap. The Frieden’s and Jayne’s also volunteered to sit at a pond during the tour. How nice is that for just joining the club…….

A Big High Five to all involved in this year’s Pond and Garden Tour…... participants and supporters.


Pond Host pick up your signs and Pond Sitters pick up packets and map at Rose and Jim Milden’s. Times are on the pamplets that were mailed to you also listed below. Any questions contact

Monica –294-4866
Jim - 364-4668

Plants can be dropped off at the Milden’s:

July 7th
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Please price and name your plants.

Prairie Creek Nursery

4100 Bowling Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


Stop in to see Shirley and Kevin at Prairie Creek Nursery

** Pond Supplies
** Design & Installation
** Aquatic Plants
** Japanese Koi & Goldfish
** Aerators & Fountains
** Gifts for the water gardener

July Birthdays

Deb Gaddis - July 7
Dave Bell - July 8
Harry Allsup - July 9
Robert Geers - July 9
Carol Sindelar - July 14
Stephanie Geers - July 19
Roberta Ward - July 17
Joe Hall - July 23
Tom Hamilton - July 29

If you would like your birthday printed in the newsletter, email us at mespringcove@aol.com or sign in with the Hospitality Committee: Elena Murillo or Gil Morley

Central Iowa Water Gardeners Assoc. Ames pond tour:
July 7th – 9-5

Northern Iowa Water Gardeners pond tour:
July 15

Mary Schwake with questions - 234-0603

by Monica Morley

Click for Japanese Beetle traps

~ Our Invitation ~

August 4th and 5th, 2007


Upper Midwest Koi Club announces its inaugural Koi Show. This show celebrates some of the most exquisite anima ls ever kept. Bred for patterns, s ize and body shape, these animals create living art in our ponds and water features which are treasured by many keepers!

~ A First in The State of Minnesota ~

The time has come for all of us to celebrate the hobby with our inaugural Koi Show & Product Expo. The Upper Midwest Koi Club’s first show - is a big first - the first Koi Show in the State of Minnesota. Th e club and its sponsors welcome you to our biggest celebration of the year. Come see some of the most beautiful animals in the upper Midwest or enter the competition by bringing a few of you own. Our premier sponsor “Bachman’s” and the UMKC invite you to visit us and explore some of the most exciting products that serve th is hobby. An event not to be missed!

This show will be held on site at one of th e best known garden centers in the upper- Midwest – Bachman’s Lyndale. We wish to invite hobbyist who supports the Koi hobby to participate. Bachman’s will be ex tensively advertis ing the event throughout the metro area, including local telev ision coverage. Please visit our web site for more details .


Call the following members for advice for all your questions. Fish health, construction of the pond, water garden plants. The list is long. Give them a try!!


Joe Olsen

Dennis & Carol Sindelar
Requests e-mails only

Jackie Allsup

Click for Monica's adventure with her neighbor's green pond.

Click for pictures


JULY 21, 2007

The barbeque is at 1:30 pm on Saturday and is $12.00 per person.

This is a farm tour, so comfortable shoes, shorts, and t-shirts are the recommended attire.

Contact LarryThompson at etlarryt@yahoo.com Or 377-6401

Thank you to the Pond Host and Pond Sitters for volunteering for the 2007 Pond and Garden Tour

Becki Lynch
-Karen & David Frieden
-Kacy Novak & Dorothy Helms

Dick & Lavonne Isard
-Joe Hall & Carol Sanderson

Mark & Sue Baumann
-Jackie & Harry Allsup

Gil & Monica Morley/Elena Murillo
-Maria & Tom Hamilton

Dennis & SJ Taylor
-Jo Hunerdosse & Sister
-Larry & Erma Thompson

Eric Harbit
-Joe Olsen
-Larry & Lou Ann Jayne

Jon & Jennifer Lewis
-Bob & Stephanie Geers
-Herman & Rosie Michel
-Roberta & Robert Ward

Jim & Rose Milden
-Joe & Deb Holtzman
-Faith & Richard Miene

Plant Sale
-Deb Walser
-Sharon Weiss

Dennis & Carol Sindelar
-Curt & Pam Moore
-Pat & Wayne Bueter

Bob & Deb Kontz
-Linda & Tim Noland
-Jo & Gary Hunerdosse

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application

July 8
Pond Tour

July 28
5pm Jackie Allsup—Quasqueton
“Hybrid Lily—Queen of the Garden” - Master Gardener, Joyce Robison

August 9
7pm Gary & Jo Hunerdosse—Cedar Rapids
“Summer Gardening” - Master Gardener, Ellen Skripsy

August 25
Herman Michel—Cedar Rapids
Herman’s Birthday Celebration

September 13
7pm Joe & Judy Olsen—Independence
Open Discussion on Pond Related Topics

September 22
4pm Gil & Monica Morley/Elena Murillo - Cedar Rapids
"Fall Bulbs” Master Gardener, Zora Ronan

October 27

November 17
Recognition & Election Night—T.B.D.

Agenda: Business Meeting: 30-40 minutes
Program: 30-45 minutes
Tour of host’s pond/water features: 40-60 minutes

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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