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June 2005 Newsletter
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In This Issue: June 2005

Thursday, June 9, 2005
7:00 pm
David & Ruth Whittenbaum
Klinger, Iowa

Roger Thurm wants to encourage you to plan on attending the EIPS meeting in Klinger. The place is really unique with it's exotic animals and corn crib gazebo. He will be cooking brats and there will be potato salad & baked beans for us, so come right from work.. He really thinks highly of the place and doesn’t want anyone to miss out.

Directions From Highway 20. Take exit 66 @ Raymond. Turn North onto South Raymond Road, you will be heading towards Dewar. Continue North until you reach Klinger (South Raymond Road turns into North Raymond Rd @ Independence Rd.) Turn W on 270th St @ Klinger (it's about 1-1/4 mi) the address is 2581 270th St. (editor’s note: I could not find Klinger on a Iowa state map but Map Quest indicated Klinger is on V49 just north of the Bremer/Black Hawk county line. If you reach C50 or Readlyn, you have gone too far north. It looks like a nice straight shot to Klinger from I-20) easy!

Saturday, June 25, 2005
6:30 pm
Ron & Edna Rife
1200 34th St SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

At the November 2004 meeting beautiful leaf cast stepping stones were presented to EIPS volunteers. Edna and Ron will be showing us how we can make sand castings for use in our home gardens.

Directions: From I-380 exit on 7th street East (St Luke’s Hospital). Take a left up to 10th street and follow 10th Street to 8th Avenue SE (Mercy Hospital). At 8th Avenue & 10th Street SE, a left hand turn puts you on Mount Vernon Road. Continue on Mount Vernon Road (about 2 miles) to 34th Street. (traffic light). Turn right on 34th and follow to the Rife’s pond. Or you can come in Mount Vernon Road from Highway 13 at the east end of town.. About 8 miles in.

Thursday, May 12th…

Our May Thursday meeting was held at Nancy Baldwin's home in Vinton. The weather was cool and rainy, but her garage was warm and comfy as we filled it up with people and plants for our annual plant exchange.

Carol Sindelar, became our impromptu president in Kacy’s absence. She began by letting our hostess talk briefly about her pond. Nancy hand dug her small pond herself. It’s a great example of how much pleasure even a small pond can be to its owner. She had recently added 5 new small fish. They were either hiding out because of their new surroundings or just hanging low because of the cool temps. Either way, they were no where to be seen.

Minutes were ok’d as printed and Nancy presented a treasurer’s report.

New members Don and Barb Matheny from Marion introduced themselves. They are in the process of building a 1200-1400 gal pond. (Be sure to introduce yourselves and welcome them.)

For old business, Carol thanked Kacy, Linda Nolan, Pam Moore, and the Tharps for working a club info table at the recent Indian Creek Nature Center plant sale. (Check your name badges; you get extra fishy stickers for volunteering to do club work!) Thanks again.

For new business, the Pond Tour committee reported pond locations were starting to finalize, with 9 confirmed and a couple more to check on. These are all new, never been on a tour, ponds!! Should be a really great lineup!

Carol then read a very nice Thank You the Iowa State University Extension Service mailed the club for the money we sent for a memorial in Ken Lafferty’s name.

Following all club business, Carol again introduced Nancy to give her talk on making birdhouse gourds. Nancy told us all about raising gourds and how to handle them in preparation for turning them into birdhouses. She told us about her experiences, good and bad, and made suggestions so that we could learn from her mistakes. After her talk, she gave several dried gourds away to happy club members that snapped them up.

We had lots of door prizes to give away at this meeting, since Harold Michaels brought in some additional cute statues of frogs and snails to give away.

Carol adjourned the meeting or at least turned it over to the plant exchange. Many members brought in some really great plants this year. We had some of everything, including lilies, and lotus! Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I always get some really cool and different things at this exchange. I even took some splits from a plant I got the year before and liked it so much, I could now share with others, like someone before me had. Is that sharing it forward? Thanks everyone, who brought plants, for taking the time to dig and bring them in.

Respectfully…Jackie Allsup

Saturday - May 21

What can I say about Saturday’s meeting? It was one of those meetings that wasn’t really a meeting. The site was the Kloubec’s fish farm, west of Swisher. Upon arrival, you couldn’t help but find yourself next to their huge display pond. Stocked full of some of their prime breeding fish, it was very impressive to see the up-words to 30 inch fish swimming about looking for a handout. I didn’t take a head count, but again the meeting was well attended. Lots of interest in fish it would seem or perhaps it was because the day’s weather was too lousy to do anything else. Regardless; we’re glad everyone came. Since the day threatened rain at any minute, president, Kacy Novak, introduced Ellen Kloubec and had her give us a tour of their facility. So off we trekked, through the pastures to look at a few of the many ponds on site. We watched as her son, Nick, threw food out into the ponds to coax the hundreds or thousands of baby Koi to the surface. An orange cloud appeared in the water as we approached each pond. We were able to see some of Ellen’s newly acquired Japanese Koi, just in from their trans-continental trip and under quarantine for the next YEAR to come. (And you think a month to six weeks is a long time to quarantine!) Myron Kloubec explained the massive filtration system for their holding and culling building. It’s totally awesome.

And then there was the fish we all got to look over and talk about. I saw lots of club members loading up new fish to take home. Like kids in a candy shop, we were. The whole affair took so long, that the meeting ended up with Kacy simply yelling over the water noises to see if anyone had something they wanted to say. There was no reply, so door prizes were drawn for and the meeting was adjourned, just that fast. Members trickled out with their new pets in tow. I made it to my car, just in time to elude the down pour of rain. A special thank you to the Kloubec’s for taking time out of their busy spawning season to accommodate our group. We appreciate their efforts. – Jackie Allsup

I am feeling like an expert in cramming items into the newsletter. I chuckle to myself when I think about how many places the pictures on the front cover were before they rested there.

How about helping out the newsletter. I am always looking for pictures of meetings and Clip Art of pond related items. I just lifted the lotus on this page from the Pond Tour poster. I like it! I hope you all do also. You will be seeing it often in the future. So check out your clip art and send me anything you like for the newsletter.

EIPS EDITOR — Carol Sindelar

Confessions of an EIPS addict

It all started that first spring we belonged to EIPS. My husband had been attending on his own, having a good time and finally DRAGGED me to a meeting. Everyone, EVERYONE, seemed to be excited about an upcoming ?pond tour? and before I could express my distain for the idea, we were signed up to sit at a pond in …. Waterloo!!! Waterloo is … another town! It is an hour away!!! I don’t even know how to get to anywhere in Waterloo. And the pond owner’s name is Tuulikki, I can’t even pronounce it. And that was just her first name. Waterloo is defiantly not my turf. I am not going to enjoy this!! And besides, what can I say about a pond? What questions can I answer? I’m a newbie! No, worse, I am the wife of a newbie!.

Well the day came and we found our way to Waterloo and Tuulikki’s pond. She turned out to be the sweetest older lady from Denmark. Great garden and pond. Her Lotus was in bloom. It was awesome. The first I had ever seen. And Tuulikki was really great to us. We had a wonderful shade tree to sit under all day. Armed with a good map of the pond locations I was able to answer questions about getting from one pond to the next. And most people just wanted to talk about their pond, so it was a lot more listening than talking. We didn’t have to have the answers. The main task was smiling and inviting them to a meeting to get any unanswered questions addressed. A place to find fellow ponders.

I had a great time. After the tour we all gathered to tell tales, and eat, and tell more tales, and count the money, and eat. And we were all so excited and tired all at once. Everyone was so friendly and having a great time. I loved it.

The next year our pond was on the tour. And I reflected back on how it was to be the newbie sitting in the front yard. And I tried to be as nice as Tuulikki. We have volunteered yearly ever since. We even ran the plant sale last year. That was a shocker to me too.

So I encourage you to volunteer to “sit” at the pond tour. It is really fun. And you don’t need to know anything. Not even how to get around in Cedar Rapids, which is worse than Waterloo. Come have a good time, get addicted to volunteering for EIPS. It only hurts a little.

Volunteer Addict

If you have a number of fish in your pond and you are always trying to count them....you know...12345...12346...12344...12343... Etc etc. Try this:

Count all the black ones first.
Then all the white ones.
Then all the multicolored ones.
Then all the orange ones.
Then all the gold ones.

Well you get the idea! Then just add up the totals and you should be pretty close! Another easier way to do it is to take a digital picture of them all at feeding time when they are all at the top of the water, and then study it on your computer screen!

By Tim Nolan

So here it is June already and we are what, about 3 weeks behind in getting our ponds up and running the way we normally would by now? The cold and rain have been major obstacles in getting out there and climbing in the pond to retrieve rocks that fell in during the winter. Yes, this time I am going to due battle with the accursed Black Foam and stick those big rocks in place once and for all! You know, the real thorough cleaning we want to perform, including removal of leaves that have been in there since last fall, helicopter seeds that have been exceptionally heavy this spring, and just thinning out the overgrown anacharis weed, and bringing up the water lily pots from the bottom. All of these tasks require that we actually get in the water and get wet!

Well the warmest my water has been so far I believe, is in the neighborhood of 66 degrees for a few minutes on a good day! We have not had enough good days for that to get up into the 70’s which is what I prefer! Also, I am leery of getting in the pond when it is raining…..you know lightning and all!! And it seems like just when the sun is out for a few hours, and I get all my stuff lined up to work in the water…..sure enough…..it starts raining again! Got my borrowed wet suit lined up and ready to go, for when it does quit raining, and am anxious to find out if it really will keep me warm enough long enough to get all the work done in there! Is summer really going to make an appearance this year or are we going right on into fall before it does?!

One of the fun things about having the pond in the back yard is being able to pitch our tent out there in the summer and enjoy all of the wonders of nature at night! The soft glow of the moon on the landscape and the water…..the wonderful sound of the waterfall to sooth us to sleep. This year we have been anxious to get started doing this perhaps even more so than usual, due to all the delays in getting things ready for the season. And again this year we have a new colony of toads beckoning us with their siren like songs to come out and play in the moonlight! Last year we had 3 toads (The Toad Trio) hanging around and performing nightly until the 4th of July. This year we had six show up in one evening, pairing off and then disappearing within a week! (Better gigs elsewhere?!) Now we have one more out there singing his heart out for us!

So, being the avid campers that we are, and anxious to get going with our pond side campouts, we decided to pitch our tent on the little deck we have beside our pond! That way we could enjoy the diffuse light of the moon, and listen to the all night serenades of our latest performer. Well after fumbling around in the dark with the tent, tent poles, air mattress and sleeping bags, we finally got the little nylon dome erected and settled in for a great performance from the amorous amphibian. Apparently our presence in his private venue was a little too intrusive for his taste. He promptly stopped his show just after we got into the sleeping bags, shortly before midnight!

Even so, the cold night air, the hazy moonlight and the sound of the waterfall, all made for a wonderful night of the most incredibly sound sleep you could ever imagine. If you have a tent, you must try sleeping next to your pond if you have not yet done so. It is truly a pleasurable experience, and a way of extending your enjoyment of your pond. Can you imagine a campout by the pond with a few friends? Still all the comforts of home just a few feet away, but the beauty of nature at night by your own private oasis!

I think that the next time we get a heavy fog rolling in, I will seriously consider setting up the tent! What an eerie effect that would be! Should we start building that bog garden?!

Proceeds to the Toledo Library Foundation

June 12th 2005
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Adm. $5.00

Relax and enjoy your afternoon with us. The rain date will be June 26th. Refreshments are being served at the newly remodeled and expanded Toledo Library Located at 206 E. High Street.

A Book Is Like A Garden Carried In The Pocket. —Chinese Proverb

Eastern Iowa Pond Society member, Roger Benda’s pond will be on this tour to raise money for the Toledo library. If you have questions about this tour, call the Toledo Library at 641-484-3362

Bring on them Chairs - Just a reminder that members are asked to bring their lawn chair to meetings. Luckily hosts have been having enough chairs at the last few meetings but we really need to remember our chairs and chairs for your guests. Thanks

Lotus For Sale!

Josh and Sue Spece at In The Country, Garden and Gifts, Independence, have over bought bare root lotus and have them for sale at a greatly reduced price. They have four varieties. Josh says, come on up and save if you get here before we have to pot them. Remember, several members are growing them in sunken barrels outside the pond. So this might be the year to go Lotus.

Goldfish !!!

Larry Tharp has some large goldfish that need new homes. Call Larry for details. 319-396-3293 Larry still has some plant fertilizer tabs if you are interested. Again, give Larry a call for details.

We have the final list of ponds for this year’s tour in the Cedar Rapids area. The exciting thing about this group is that only one of these ponds have ever been on an EIPS tour in the past! And 11 of the 12 ponds belong to current members!!!

Perry & Susan Benore - 3325 26th Avenue, Marion
Susan Hightshoe - 488 W. 33 Avenue, Marion
Louis & Jaque Winchip - 4530 Lancaster Dr. NE, Cedar Rapids
Freddie & Nancy Koontz - 3808 Silver Spring Dr NE, Cedar Rapids
Stringer - 245 15th Avenue Court, Hiawatha
Herman & Rosie Michel - 4297 Zeman Dr. SE, Cedar Rapids
Gary & Jo Hunerdosse - 306 Red Fox Rd SE, Cedar Rapids
Robert & Stephanie Geer - 3615 Honey Hill Dr. SE, Cedar Rapids
Brady & Lisa Lanham - 2057 Eastern Blvd SE, Cedar Rapids
Robert & Roberta Ward - 3313 Waveland Dr. NW, Cedar Rapids
Larry & Rita Tharp - 338 Mayberry Drive NW, Cedar Rapids
Roger & Marge Thompson - 40 Linda Court, Springville

Wanted: 26 volunteers

Ways to Volunteer:

Take tickets
Donate plants
Run the plant sale
Distribute posters

But this is only the beginning. We now need volunteers to man the ticket tables at these ponds. The ideal situation is to have teams of two at each table to mark tickets and answer EIPS questions. This is really the fun job. We will also need some folk who are slightly plant savvy to man the plant sale.

How to get involved:

** At the June EIPS meetings there will be opportunities to sign-up to help at the ponds.

** There will also be posters available for you to take and post to promote the tour.

** If you have plants to donate to the plant sale, please have them marked with the name of the plant, where is needs to be planted (in the water, on the edge, etc) and a price. Remember, we hope to make some money with this sale but we also do not want any plants left at the end of the day. Price them to move. Plants can be delivered to the sale site at the July 7th meeting or the morning of the sale.

** If you can help and will not be able to attend a meeting in June, contact Rosie and Herman Michel 319-366-1789 or conner173@mchsi.com

Click here to see the 2005 Pond Tour poster.

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application

Note—this is a tentative schedule. That means don't keep it. Don’t go by it. Just read it now and enjoy what might be happening the rest of the summer. Then remember to read your newsletter each month to know what is really happening.

(Thurs) June 9th -7:00 p.m. Clinger.
Hosts David & Ruth Whittenburg
Speaker on exotic animals
They will be serving brats

(Sat) June 25th Cedar Rapids
Hosts Ron & Edna Rife
1200 34th St SE, Cedar Rapids
They will be making sand castings

(Thurs) July 7th -6:30 p.m. Pre-Pond Tour
Usually at one of the tour ponds.

(Sun) July 11th
Pond Tour location still to be determined

(Sat) July 23rd Toddville
Hosts Richard & Faith Miene?
7912 Morris Hills Rd, Toddville

(Thurs) August 11th -7:00 p.m. Robins
Hosts Clarence & Eileen Serbousek
100 Brougham Rd, Robins

(Sat) August 27th Alburnet
Host Greg Bickal at Shulista pond in Alburnet

(Thurs) September 8th -7:00 p.m.
Cedar Rapids?
Host Ruth Tharp

(Sat) September 24th Cedar Rapids
Hosts Robert & Roberta Ward
3313 Waveland Dr NW, Cedar Rapids
Building toad houses

(Sat) October 29th Cedar Rapids
Hosts Herman & Rosey Michaels
4297 Zeman Dr SE, Cedar Rapids
Costumed Halloween Party

(Sat) November Vinton
Vinton Pizza Ranch 219 W 4th, Vinton
Awards Ceremony, Roger Thurm will be showing movies of the pond tour

Now remember, this is only tentative. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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