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March 2006 Newsletter
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In This Issue: March 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006
2:00 pm
Peck’s Green Thumb Nursery
3990 Blairs Ferry Road NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

We are excited to return to Peck’s Green Thumb Nursery in Cedar Rapids for our March 25 meeting. For the 2:00 meeting the nursery staff will talk about Landscaping around the pond. Shirley Peckoch will include her specialty, ‘what’s new’ in the plant industry and how to include it in your pond landscape.

Bring a lawn chair. Be prepared to be inspired. We will be in the greenhouses, so dress accordingly. We will have our EIPS sign out and will be watching for you all.

Directions: So easy, no map is necessary - take the Blairsferry Road exit off I-380on the north side of Cedar Rapids. Follow Blairsferry Road west past Walmart, and the new Hy-Vee. Peck’s driveway is part of the intersection of Blairsferry and Edgewood Roads.

February 20th

Welcome Back. Ready for another fun filled year? Just wait till you see what we’re planning for this year! We just get bigger and better every year!

Our new president, Monica Morley, began our first meeting of the year by welcoming everyone to the meeting. This first meeting was held at the Pizza Ranch in Vinton and is usually designated as a planning meeting for the year ahead. It’s not typical of most meetings as it really concentrates on the business of the club’s year ahead.

Minutes were approved as printed.

Monica had several invitations and announcements. The club was invited to participate in the Master Gardeners Tri State Conference; however, I don’t believe we will be participating as the club could not meet the requirements. March 18th is the Green Scene Symposium in Waterloo. We were asked to set up a table at this function. Carol, being chair of the Publicity committee asked that anyone willing to sit at a table during this event to please contact her. In The Country Garden and Gifts is putting together their Spring Open House and invited the club to hold their May meeting there during this event. Monica also brought information regarding member, Deb Walser’s, See My Garden Tours. For more information on any of these events, please contact Monica.

Monica then read a letter of thanks from Wade Wagner for the bench and plaque that the club donated to Cedar Rapids. A thank you letter for our donations to the McBride Rapture Rehabilitation Center was also read.

Treasurer, Joe Olsen, handed out a financial summary report, which he went over with us. It was approved. He reminded members that dues are now due again for the 2006 year and asked members to be sure to fill out a form if any contact information has changed since last year.

Robert Geer reported for the program committee. This committee has already got a great line up of speakers at nearly every meeting! They had 2 openings for host when they came to the meeting, but they may be filled by now. Please contact Robert if you want to host a meeting to see if there are openings.

Elana reported for the hospitality committee. Their group came with several suggestions. They will be responsible to mail welcome packets to new members. They want to recognize a “Member of the Month” as well as birthdays in each newsletter.

Carol Sindelar reported for the Publicity and Writing Committee. She reported that EIPS has most recently had a table at the Kirkwood Master Gardener’s Symposium. She also said she gets contacted frequently from other groups looking for speakers from our group. If you would like to do some of this public speaking on behalf of our group, please call Carol and she’ll be happy to hook you up.

We next had some discussion about this year’s pond tour. No site was chosen yet. Many of the members volunteered to get together and bring some recommendations to the next meeting. There was also some discussion on estimates for new pond tour signs.

I, Jackie Allsup, gave a report on our upcoming Pond Expo on May 20th. I explained to the club that the Expo committee was planning, a full trade show with all day speakers. I gave a brief description of the speakers that were planned for this very special day. I’m excited, something new for the club to look forward to!

New business consisted for letting the club know we now have a Fed. ID number. Monica also presented some information about the possible application for a 501 non profit status with the IRS. There was a lot of conversation that followed with pros, cons, and concerns. Finally, a small committee was formed to further look into these concerns and come back at the next meeting with some answers. If you have any special knowledge or experience with this, please contact Monica, Faith Miene, or Kacy Novak as no one present at the meeting seemed to have such experience. Monica also passed out a proposed EIPS Constitution and By-Laws draft. She asked members to read through them and give suggestions for auditing.

Greg Bickal announced that he was putting together a bulk Koi food order. If you would like to add your order, please contact him. Food comes in 25# bags and will be around 1.14 a lb.

Someone inquired if Larry Tharp would have the one tablet a year, time released fertilizer tablets again this year. Larry said he’d be happy to order them again if there was enough interest. So please contact him, if you’d like to get your name on his list.

I spoke to the club about the recent fish kill at the Dubuque arboretum and asked for club comments or recommendations. After a short discussion, we decided an investigative road trip was definitely a must as we needed more information regarding the pond and their financial situation. A committee of 10 volunteers quickly offered their time and help. I’ll contact Jack at the arboretum and arrange that meeting.

Finally, the meeting was adjourned and door prizes were drawn for. The lucky winners were Rita Tharp, Robert Ward, Shirley Thurm, Larry Thompson, and Roger Thompson.

Everyone filled their plates at the buffet and we returned to watch the video of last year’s pond tour. Set to music and produced by Roger and Shirley Thurm, we watched as beautiful plants, fish, and water unfolded on the big screen. This was really a nice presentation and we thank Roger and Shirley for the hours it must have taken them to put this together. This CD is for sale for 15.00 each and are great souvenirs and keepsakes. If you would like one, please contact me.

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Allsup, Sec.

P.S. If you ordered a shirt, they will be at the next meeting for pickup.

Submitted by

Do you have a ponding related question or problem? With over 85 members, EIPS is a tremendous resource of information. Beginning this month a new feature in the newsletter will give you a chance to ask that burning question and get feedback from the "experts " in the club. Email your questions to olywon@indytel.com...we will print them in the newsletter. Replies will be included in the following month's issue of Beneath the Surface. This will work only if you submit questions AND if club members with ideas reply (email answers to olywon@indytel.com before the last meeting of each month)...

Space is limited so be concise in both questions and responses. Let's have some fun with this.

There are three questions to get us started:

1. My pump quit (out of warranty of course). Where can I get it checked out to see if it can be repaired? New ones are really pricey.

2. What is the formula for determining the amount of fish I should have in my pond?

3. Is anyone using bog filtration for their pond and if so how is it working?

Remember, if you have some comments on these questions, send them along to Joe.

NAME: Tim Nolan
Year I Joined: 2000

I have been a life long resident of Cedar Rapids with brief periods away for school and career pursuits. My wife Linda and I just celebrated our 35th anniversary on December 26th! We have 3 grown children, Abby, Holly, and Casey. Holly and her husband John, have recently blessed us with our first grandchild Nicholas Jay! I have been a member of Salem United Methodist Church for over 50 years and I enjoy running the sound system there for Sunday services.

I was a club member for 2 years before we ever dug our pond! We did a lot of planning first! I have enjoyed helping with the pond tours, handling the business of arranging for, and distributing the door prizes at monthly meetings, and working on the writing committee. I also like seeing the excitement new members bring as they become involved in the activities of the club, and the ponding hobby. One of the best parts is that it is an endless learning experience.

My personal background is one of musician, photographer, entrepreneur, and service worker most recently for the Cedar Rapids Community Schools. I currently work as a Distribution Specialist at the Purchasing Department Warehouse. We receive and distribute all of the equipment and supplies used in the daily operation of the school district. We deliver the school mail to 33 schools and 16 ancillary buildings everyday.

Heavy equipment transfers for all buildings including major events are part of our daily routine. Pianos, choral risers, stage blocks, racks of tables and chairs, huge wrestling mats and gymnastic equipment ride on our trucks. It’s a fast paced strenuous environment. This is one of the reasons I needed a pond! Sanctuary now!

My hobbies include photography, music of all kinds, movies and television, and enjoyment of the computer. We still love to go tent camping as we did while our children were growing up. We even set up the tent by our pond several times during the summer! I like to do a little bicycle riding and a bit of cross country skiing now and then. I am a former member of the American Federation of Musicians, Professional Photographers of America, Midwest Industrial Photographers, and currently a member of Service Employees International Union . Wow this kind of feels like writing your own obituary...something I have often thought everyone should take a crack at!

Something about my pond:

Our pond is kidney shaped with a river rock bottom . Approximately 12 ft. x 18 ft. in size, it is 30 inches deep overall. Straight down sides to discourage predators, it is trimmed with granite rock all around, and features a 2 foot waterfall. The waterfall contains our bio-filter which is filled with plastic strapping tape as the bio medium. (easily accesses from work) It works great and is lightweight and easy to remove for cleaning. We have the traditional skimmer and waterfall arrangement.

The volume of the pond is 2200 gallons and it is home to about 30 gold fish of various kinds, and 4 medium sized Koi. We have several water lilies and numerous plantings all around the pond. Cattails, water hyacinths, and of course a healthy crop of anacharis started from some bunches that Sindelars donated to us a few years ago! It grew so well in our pond I was able to give some back to the Sindelars the year theirs declined.

I built the pond myself with some help from family members. It features a covered board walk that includes a swing overlooking the pond. You will find numerous mermaids in the area, hence the name we have given it, “Mermaid Lagoon”. Remember?...it’s where Peter Pan hung out all the time! A recent addition to the board walk deck area is a misting system that brings a cooling relief to those incredibly hot summer days!

Our yard is completely fenced in for safety and privacy. A tall wooden fence gives us a cozy, away from it all feel, and the serenity of the pond is our daily therapy. We have outdoor speakers very near the pond and play all kinds of music throughout the summer. The resident toads seemed to prefer the music of Muddy Waters believe it or not! They would sing most joyously when he is cranked up! Myself, I love to listen to Andrea Bocelli and watch the fish as I relax in the shade of the ivy covered deck. It is truly a romantic, peaceful place to be.

We have had many get-togethers by the pond, often in the evening. We have underwater lighting but mostly like the effect of candles and lanterns around the pond. A portable fire pit allows us to enjoy cool nights even into the fall.

Although this is our private sanctuary, visitors are always welcome.

The first ever pond trade show in the Heartland!

May 20th, 2006
Hawkeye Downs Fairgrounds
Cedar Rapids, IA
$6.00 gets you into everything!

Huge Trade Show! First of it's kind in Iowa!
Vendors from all over the country will be there to show you what's new in the water gardening and fish world.

Goldfish and Koi vendors
Pond supply vendors (Nets, pumps, filters, plants, and food)
One stop shopping!

Expert Speakers all Day!

9:00 Doors Open
9:30 - 9:45 Welcome - The Three Laws of Ponding - Bob Passovoy
9:45-10:25 Water Plants - Ann Passovoy
10:35-11:25 Filtration - Dr. Kevin Novak
11:35- 12:25 Water Quality - Bob Passovoy
12:25 - 1:00 Lunch - food on premises
1:00 - 1:30 Pond Side Triage - Bob Passovoy & Bryan Bateman
1:30 - 2:00 Fish Nutrition - Stephanie McLean
2:10 - 3:00 Goldfish varieties and care -Peter Ponzio
3:10 - 4:00 Koi classifications and care - Dr. Bryan Bateman
4:00 - Pond Q & A Panel
5:00-7:00 Trade show still open
7:00 Closed- Thanks for coming!

Subject to change

Fliers and Vendor Information can be found on the Pond Expo page.

Meet Our Speakers

About our seminars: Since many of our participants are experienced ponders already, we have tried to push the talks ‘up a notch’ to address the more experienced person’s desire to learn yet more about what goes on inside their pond. For the beginners, we hope you won’t find this information over whelming. Water gardening and fish keeping is a wonderfully flexible hobby, that is suitable to all degrees of time and experience.

Ponding is for EVERYONE

Dr. Bob Passovoy

Bob and Ann Passovoy are two reunited halves of a Legendary Mythic Ponder from the Vastly Deeps of Time. Sucked into the Black Hole of the water gardening hobby 10 years ago by two water lilies, a Meier’s muck bucket and an otherwise inoffensive comet goldfish, they now wrangle a 4400 gallon koi pond powered by a 425 hp supercharged Mad Science filter array complete with an Illudium –Q-238 Pond Modulator, a Flux Capacitor, a Mr. Fusion and a Laser Containment Field. That’s Bob’s territory; Anne runs the plants, the goldfish bog and Bob. She signs a lot.

Bob will open up our seminar talks by telling us about The Three Laws of Ponding. 1. There is Always A Better Fish. 2. There is Always A Better Filter and 3. There is Never Enough Water. Join us as Bob reiterates what we experienced ponders already have regretfully come to realize and what newbies will come to learn.

Later in the day, Bob will also help us try to demystify the whole Water Quality issue. It’s probably the most confusing part of water gardening yet the most important part of fish keeping.

Just after lunch Bob will join Dr. Bryan Bateman and show us some simple Pond Side Triage. (Treating a simple sore or ulcer that we might find on our fish caused from an injury of any type.) This is treatment that you can do yourself with a little know how! You won’t want to miss this talk!

Ann Passovoy

A Pond is not complete without the Water Plants! Whereas, Bob can explain the technical parts of ponding, his wife Ann has agreed to talk a little about the plants. Coming from Chicago, Ann can tell you what will work in our zone. She’ll highlight the common plants and tell us about a few plants that work well in the pond that we may not have thought about. Come and enjoy her pictures and see what the people from Chicago may be doing differently than us.

Dr. Kevin Novak

With an PH.D. in Ichthyology (study of fishes) and post graduate studies in Limnology (Study of inland water, ex. lakes and ponds) and being a mechanical programming design engineer by profession, Dr Kevin Novak has been in the hobby of ponding since his teenage years. The problems encountered with the growth of plants and the misunderstanding of biological bacterial processes in the pond hobby resulted in an intense research project some 20 years ago. Today, he has designed what he believes to be one of the most versatile and easy to maintain a filtration system that is now available to all hobbyists. Controversial in nature, his design addresses iron deficiencies to plants and “anoxic” low oxygen levels for tiny beneficial organism like bacterium.

Dr. Novak will be talking to us about his proven Anoxic Filtration System. Don’t let the extensive scientific research scare you away from learning all about this exciting alternative to “buying the big filtration box”. Dr. Novak will walk us through his DIY filtration system. Part veggie filter/part settling tank (but with a big twist) you can put this system on any existing pond or new construction. All natural, he works with Mother Nature to teach you how the laws of chemistry and physics can and will bring you sparkling clear and healthy water. He guarantees this will put an end to all your filtration woes. (Remember Rule #2!)

Stephanie McLean

Stephanie is the Southern area rep for one of our gracious co-sponsors, Mazuri foods from Land O’ Lakes Purina. She is a graduate of the University of Florida. Stephanie has been working in the animal nutrition industry with Land O’ Lakes Purina Feed for over 12 years. During that time, she has worked with the North Florida Koi, San Diego ZNA, Orange County, Southern Arizona, and the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix) Koi Clubs, as well as numerous koi breeders, dealers, and pond and water garden centers on koi nutrition issues.

Stephanie will take a few minutes to explain a fish’s nutritional needs and how various types of food are required to satisfy those requirements. A short talk full of lots of information on how to get maximum growth and the brightest colors possible from our fish friends.

Peter Ponzio

Peter has been a goldfish judge for the past 12 years, and led a committee which wrote the standards on judging goldfish in the U.S. and were adopted by the GFSA in 1995. Peter has been past Chairman, Membership Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and frequent contributor of articles in the GFSA. Peter’s articles on goldfish have appeared in the Midwest Pond & Koi Society, Louisville Koi and Goldfish Society, the Northwest Koi & Goldfish Society, the Goldfish Report and MAKC Report. Peter currently writes and maintains the site www.goldfishpages.com.

Peter is here today to educate us on the different Goldfish Varieties. The different types of goldfish are as numerous as Koi. This is a much overlooked side of ponding. People see common comets and koi in ponds, but there are a whole host of beautiful and fascinating goldfish to be had and enjoyed. We feel after you hear Peter’s presentation, you may consider the addition of a goldfish pond. (Remember Rules No# 1 and 3!)

Dr. Bryan Bateman

Bryan and his wife Bay have been involved in the Koi hobby for 15 years. They enjoy showing their Koi at shows. They have shown throughout the Midwest and have won Grand Champion on five occasions! Bryan has served as President of the Midwest Pond and Koi Society. Bryan has also served as AKCA rep for the past 5 years and was certified as a Koi Health Advisor by the AKCA in 2003. Bryan joined the AKCA koi judging program in 2002 and was certified in 2005. He was recently selected to judge in the prestigious Holland Koi Show near Amsterdam this coming August. Bryan enjoys writing articles on all things Koi and has written articles for the MPKS newsletter, Mid-Atlantic Koi, and Koi USA.

Ever stood by your koi pond and had someone point to a fish and say “I love your Kohaku”? Kohaku, Showa, Sanke...it’s all Japanese to some of us. There are actually 14 different recognized Classifications of Koi. You know the difference between a German Shepard and a poodle, maybe it’s time you learnt the difference between your Bekko and an Utsuri. Bryan will help us understand the differences and maybe even give us a few clues on how to pick out that 2007 Expo Grand Champion! (See Rule #1)

Tim Nolan

Do you really know where your frogs and toads are at any given moment? What are your apple snails actually doing all day long? Do you suspect that sea serpents or mermaids may be inhabiting your pond?

If your pond is very deep at all, you may have difficulty answering all of these questions accurately. Even shallow water gardens may hide their own mysteries of the deep! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could peek under the surface of the water and discover what is really down there? Examine it up close. Get a fish’s viewpoint if you will.

Well you may be surprised to learn that you can actually do this! There are toys out there that will not only make this possible, but truly entertaining as well! We’re talking about Underwater Video Cameras!! Yes you know they exist but did you know that they are affordable to even ponders on modest gadget budgets? Not the high definition stuff that the big studios use, but reasonably decent quality equipment that can really amplify the ponding experience at a fair price.

We are all familiar with the little web cams that hook up to your computer, and allow you to send pictures and video to friends, relatives or clients. Well they have similar versions of this, which are completely waterproof and can go clear to the bottom of your pond! Not only that, but they can be hooked up to your computer as well, allowing you to put video of your fish on the internet via your web page! Streaming video from your backyard stream if you will!

Imagine being able to see your fish on your TV or computer! In living color and motion! Live! Yes you can send live video of your fish from under the water, to the web, or to your large screen television in your home! You can track their behaviors no matter how inclement the weather is. You can even monitor the sick tank aquarium from your desktop!

You will be amazed at how much gear is out there to choose from. Most cameras in this category start around $100 and go up from there. Way up! Many are in the $200 to $800 price range. Of course the sky’s the limit if you have the cash and the itch.

Think of the possibilities...now you can see if your fish are ok 24 hours a day without even going to the pond. Some of these cameras will even work under the ice so you can actually see that your babies are all still alive throughout the winter!! Numerous models have white led lights built in or available as an optional add on. This means that you can see good color video even if the sunlight is not bright. Even at night! Some units have infra red capabilities and automatically switch to that mode when it is too dark to work otherwise.

Wouldn’t it be handy to see if your fish have any health problems developing before they get too far along? And think about the fun of running live video of your underwater creatures at your next house party! Like having background music just for ambiance!

Avid fishermen have been using these devices for quite some time to locate fish, check the integrity of lines, lures, and boats as well as monitor the response of fish to different baits. You can even use the cameras to find objects lost under water, or for above water security cams. They work in bad weather and can be mounted above your property to keep an eye on things. Some companies even offer specialized monitors which include the ability to run 4 or more cameras at one time showing all viewpoints on the screen at once.

But for water gardeners the most potential they provide is an enhanced ponding experience in the form of entertainment. We are always looking for ways to make the pond more interesting and enjoyable . These underwater cams can do just that.

The basic set up usually consists of a small camera about the size of an egg. It has a long cable on it to allow dropping it down into the water and then reaching off to the video device of choice...tv, vcr, computer, etc. One line of the cable feeds the video input of your device, another line feeds the low voltage power supply to the camera and light. Most plug into the ac power feed from the wall in your house, and convert that to the low voltage power for the camera, similar to underwater lights or landscape lighting units. Some setups come with an adaptor to work off the cigarette lighter of the car or a portable battery. Some even have rechargeable batteries.

The cameras can be mounted permanently, in a fixed location or they can be adapted to other means of operation. Think scuba diver with a camera on a helmet, or just holding it in their hands. Suspended in your pond by a cable or mounted on a weighted base like an underwater light. Most appealing and perhaps most fun would be to mount the camera on a pole and walking it around in the pond to find a great shot.

Finding out what is really under the surface is sure to be a lot of fun and would provide countless hours of entertainment for you and your family. If you go to the links listed here, you will see that the possibilities are endless! Check out what promises to be an exciting new angle on ponding without investing in a lot of complicated expensive equipment. Wouldn’t it be fun for a pond club to have an underwater camera available for club members to borrow, or for shows and exhibits?!! Then we would know if our fish are really smiling!

Check out the Model 650 Sea-Drop cam!

Another company offering color cameras.

Many brands starting at $150 for b&w

Color cameras from $795

All types of security and specialty cams from $110

Color and infra red models that go 100 feet deep!

Sea-Cam color unit with white leds $160

Color cam that goes 60 feet deep…great site!

Specialty cams and monitors, color cams from $210

After looking at all of the above go to E-bay and find some great prices on similar gear! Search for “underwater video cameras”

It is spring and many of the ISU Master Gardeners and garden centers are have gardening evens, open houses and speakers. For the next couple months watch this purple pencil logo for lists of area events. And if you know of one you would like other EIPS members to know about, email that information to me at Fishlounge1@cs.com. Watch for area events.


DATE : March 18, 2006
Place: Presbyterian Church in Springville

10:15 to 10:45 a.m.
Gayle Bates
Ever lasting florals and great patio ideas.

11 a.m.
Master Gardener Deb Walser
Container gardens

12 noon
Master Gardener Carol Bruch
Japanese style gardening

Country Store:
Mini garden stones
Everlasting florals
Russ Schmidt's Birdhouses



Saturday, March 18th
Waterloo Center for the Arts
8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

$20 - includes lunch

Five speakers:

Dr. Adam Hoogestraat
"Gardening the Healthy Way"

Gary Whittenbaugh
"Trough Gardening"

Kathleen Ziemer
"Power of the Wing--Butterflies of the Heartland"

Shelly Codner
"Weed it and Reap"

Jamie Busch-Upah
"Growing Grapes in Iowa"

The Gardener's Marketplace will be open during the lunch break and following the last speaker. Master Gardeners will receive 5 hours of continuing education

Send pre-registration to:

Green Scene
Box 2004
Waterloo, IA 50704

Questions?? 319-232-5934 or mlj091554@aol.com


Linn County Master Gardeners are sponsoring three lectures in their Creative Gardening Series:

Tuesdays in March & April
Beems Auditorium, Cedar Rapids Public Library
500 1st St. SE
Cedar Rapids.
free to the public

Tuesday, March 21st, 6:30-8:00 pm.
Trudi Temple.

"Make Beauty Where You Are Planted"

Ms. Temple is an extraordinary gardener who has created outstanding landscapes and is a frequent speaker at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.

Tuesday, March 28, 6:30-8:00 pm.
April Meyers

"New Plants for 2006"

Ms. Meyers is a former horticulturist and teacher at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Tuesday, April 1, 10:00-11:30 am.
Jamie Beyer

"Water Gardens for all Landscapes"

Mr. Beyer is one of the Midwest's foremost experts on ponds and co-authored the popular Ortho book, "All About Garden Pools and Fountains."

For more information, contact the Linn County Extension office at 319-377-9839 or benesh1@iastate.edu.

Spring In the Country Open House

May 13th
In The Country Garden & Gifts
Independence, Iowa

Josh & Sue invite you to visit them during their Open House, see the new greenhouse and hear these speakers:

10 am - Edible Flowers from Garden to Palate
with Cathy Wilkinson Barash

12 pm - Evening Gardens - Nighttime is the Right Time to Enjoy the Garden
with Cathy Wilkinson Barash

1:30 pm - Pond Construction 101
with Owen Twedt

Registration is not required, but is greatly appreciated!

You can register by calling (319-334-6593), e-mail info@inthecountrygardenandgifts.com

Check out the web site www.inthecountrygardenandgifts.com For additional information.

Indian Creek Nature Center Plant Sale

Saturday, May 6th.

The Nature Center Guild offers wildflowers, hostas, geraniums, and a variety of perennials and prairie plants for your choosing. Numerous vendors provide garden art and accessories to create a charming garden showcase in your yard.


Indian Creek Nature Center
6665 Otis Road SE Cedar Rapids


March 19

The next EIAA auction of tropical fish and related items will be held, Sunday, March 19, at 12 noon. Location will be The El-Kahir Shrine Embassy Club, C Avenue and Blairsferry Road NE, Cedar Rapids. The general public is invited to bring fish and fish related items (including pond items) to be auctioned. This is a fund raiser for the EIAA and there is a 30/70 split. 30% going to EIAA and 70% going to the seller. Check out their website: www.finflap.com for more details

Something a little different!

Indian Creek Nature Center public program:

March 19th - 2 PM


Enjoy a trek up Bena Brook's valley to look for one of the earliest and most unusual wildflowers. The Brook is also home to liverworts, shining club moss and blue beeches. Wear boots and be prepared for off-trail hiking through tall grass and possibly mud in this search for Iowa's seldom-seen but intriguing plants.



(Editor’s note: I have seen this plant and it is large, it will be blooming and totally amazing!)

Once a year Fertilizer

Last year several members joined together and ordered Pond Pak 1-year time release fertilizer packets from JRP International. At the February meeting some members wanted to order again for 2006. Interested in obtaining a once per year fertilizer for your lilies, lotus and other pond plants?

Contact - Larry & Rita Tharp 396-3293 or tharp.larry@mcleodusa.com.

Must have been a great product since there has been an unsolicited request to reorder.

Member of the Month:

New addition for the newsletter. At the last meeting of the month there will be one drawing to determine who will be the member of the month. That member will fill out a short form providing information on themselves, their pond, gardens etc. pictures if provided.

Tim Nolan is the Member of the Month for March. We look forward to hearing about Tim & Linda’s pond.

For members whom wish to share their birthday in the newsletter:

Belated Birthdays in February: Rose Milden 2-6
Ron Rife 2-13
Robert Ward 2-14
Edna Rife 2-15
Elena Murillo 2-16
Tim Nolan 2-16
Pam Moore 2-21

Birthdays in March: Jackie Allsup 3-10

We would love to remember your birthday. If you have not submitted your birthday, please contact the Hospitality Committee. Elena & Gil / Hospitality Committee

Available to be borrowed by members.
Contact Ron & Edna Rife 319-247-0206


Koi - AKCA - Grant Fujita
Practical Koi Keeping Vol. I - AKCA
Practical Koi Keeping Vol. II - AKCA
Practical Koi Keeping Vol. III - AKCA
The Water Garden - Hattatt
The Rock & Water Garden Expert - Dr. D.G. Hessayon
The Stream Garden - Skimmer & Arscott
Ponds & Water Features - AHS
Simple Fountains for indoor and outdoors by Dorcas Adkins
Basic Masonry - A Sunset Book
Water Gardens - Sunset Books
Landscaping for Small Spaces - Sunset Books
Garden Pools & Fountains - Ortho Books
Creating a Japanese Garden - Ortho Books

The Pond Doctor - Helen Nash
The Complete Pond Builder - Helen Nash
Water Gardening in Containers - by Helen Nash and Greg Speichert

Home Landscaping - Better Homes & Gardens
Herbs, Step by Step - Better Homes & Gardens
Outdoor Projects - Better Homes & Gardens
Decorative Accents for the Garden - Phillips
Quick Guide, Ponds & Fountains - Creative Homeowners Press
Illustrated Guide to Gardening - Readers Digest
The New Gardener National - Home Gardening Club, Series

National Home Gardening Club, Series
Container Gardens
Cutting Gardens
The Bird Garden
The New American Kitchen Garden
Wildlife Gardens -
Garden Butterflies of North America

Following are the 2006 committees and the names of those who volunteered at the November meeting.


no one!!!!


*Bob & Stephanie Geers 363-2448 hawkskier@yahoo.com


*Kacy Novak 362-0487 cqknovak@msn.com


*Gary & Jo Hunerdosse 364-6627 gfhunk@mchsi.com


*Carol Sindelar 365-1839 fishlounge1@cs.com


*Brandy & Lisa Lanham 362-7672 lanhamb1@earthlink.com


*Carol Sindelar 365-1839 fishlounge1@cs.com


*Ron & Edna Rife 247-0206 RLrife@aol.com


*Jackie Allsup 934-3665 Cedarserviceja@aol.com
Pat Beuter 448-4147
Kathryn Durnan 448-4681 DKL4489@AOL.com
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Roger Thompson 854-7229
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Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application


(Sat) 25
Peck's Nursery
3990 Blairs Ferry Rd NE
Cedar Rapids
Landscaping Around Ponds
Responsibility: Larry


(Thurs) 13
Joe Hall
620 33rd St NE
Cedar Rapids
Garden Railways: How to Get Started
Responsibility: Jim

(Sat) 22
Judy and Joe Olsen
2003 206th St.
Rock Gardening and Miniature Conifers: Devon Dietz, Master Gardener
Responsibility: Jim


(Thurs) 11
Location: TBD
Nature Photography: John McHugh, Windsong Photography
Responsibility: Jim

(Sat) 27
Quinn and Kacy Novak
601 Wilder Drive SE
Cedar Rapids
EIPS Buy, Sell and Trade: Fish, Pond and Landscaping Supplies
Responsibility: Stephanie/Rose


(Thurs) 8
Brandy and Lisa Lanham
Bat Houses: Master Gardener
Responsibility: Erma

(Sat) 24
Bob and Stephanie Geers
3615 Honey Hill Dr SE
Cedar Rapids
Making Cement Stepping Stones: Erma Thompson
Responsibility: Erma


(Thurs) 13
Locations: TBD
Pre-Pond Tour

(Sat) 22
Joyce Jensen
172 Gray Street
Elk Run Heights
Cake Decorating Contest: Aquatic Theme
Responsibility: Rose


(Thurs) 10
Gary and Jo Hunerdosse
306 Red Fox Rd SE
Cedar Rapids
Landscaping for Residential Areas with High Deer Population: Brian Hughes, Smith-Massman Landscape and Design
Responsibility: Larry

(Sat) 26
Robert and Roberta Ward
Fall Bulbs and Plantings: Master Gardener
Responsibility: Jim


(Thurs) 14
Location: TBD
Program: Open Discussion on Pond Related Topics
Responsibility: Stephanie?

(Sat) 23
Murillo and Morleys
6207 Spring Cove St NE
Cedar Rapids
Jackie Allsup, Pond Fish and Their Care
Responsibility: Larry


(Mon) 23
Larry and Erma Thompson
131 Rosedale Rd SE
Cedar Rapids
Larry Thompson: Winterizing Your Pond
Responsibility: Larry


(Sat) 18
Pizza Village
Election of Officers

Agenda: Business Meeting: 30-40 minutes
Program: 30-45 minutes
Tour of host’s pond/water features: 40-60 minutes

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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