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In This Issue: March 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Deb & Roy Gaddis
3682 Douglas Dr NE
Solon, IA
phone 624-2844

Arrive at 6pm for dinner with meeting at 7pm.
Roy and Deb will do a Spring BBQ grill and have drinks.
Members please bring an appetizer, salad or dessert to share.

Directions by host: 380 S to Hwy 30 East. Exit #254 at C St (turning lt). Proceed 2 blks and turn lt onto Ely Rd. Proceed 9 miles to Hwy 382. Turn sharp rt - drive 2 miles to address listed. We're the last place on the right before you enter the park. From downtown Cedar Rapids is approx 25 minutes.

Thank you Deb and Roy for sending in your directions

February 28, 2009

February meeting was held at the home of Jeff Garner and Kerry Shaner of Cedar Rapids. The meeting was well attended with 35 members present. President, Monica Morley, called the meeting to order. Lou Ann Jayne won the 50/50 drawing; adding $15.50 to the treasury. New members introduced were, Linda and Donovan Burke from Cedar Falls and Elizabeth and Andy Hosmanek from Iowa City. Each talked briefly about their pond. Monica thanked Jeff and Kerry for their hospitality and Kerry spoke about their pond. Treasures report was given. The club has $623.04 in checking and $2024.55 in savings.

In old business:

The Kennedy Project: Larry Thompson gave a follow up report on the Kennedy project. He is planning an April 24th spring cleanup there. Our club volunteers are assisting 3 teachers from Kennedy. Larry created a hand out for Kennedy and for any of the members wanting Pond Task Guidelines listing the task under the following: Daily, Weekly, and Yearly Pond Cleaning. Gil Morley, Jeff and Kerry, and Bob Bisenius all volunteered to help.

In New business:

LouAnn Jayne announced some upcoming Master Gardener’s events for ’09.

Speaker Committee: Reported they will be meeting later in the week and asked the members for ideas.

Pond Tour Committee: They asked for volunteers to be on this year’s tour to be again held in the Cedar Rapids area.

Plant/Vendor Committee: Monica reported that the Gourd Society has once again agreed to participate as a vendor. She asked if anyone had ideas for vendors for example, jewelry makers, selling pond products, etc. She did request no plant vendors due to our plant sale which is our money maker and to keep us in mind this spring and summer dividing up plants. We will also be renting a Port O’Johnny at this location.

Cookbook Committee Report: Maria Hamilton reported they have around 120 pages so far. The proof reading and assembling will be done by the committee, Maria Hamilton, Kathi Albrecht, Erma Thompson and Monica Morley. Advertisers have already contributed 135.00 toward its expense and Jeff and Kerry have donated $100.00. The club voted to approve the funding (approx. $600.00) to proceed with it’s printing. The initial printing will be for 100 copies.

Door Prize Committee (the Geers) reported prizes have been slow to come in. They have mailed out all their request letters. Talk about on the high priced items donated. Perhaps having a silent auction. Bob Geers offered to take care of this area.

Monica spoke about possible things to do this year. She suggested a Bus Trip to a Koi Show/Expo, Learn to Draw and Paint Koi, Chili Cook Off Contest, Ideas for Workshops not on meeting dates, Trip to the Hosta Farm not on a meeting date, Social Picnic at Noelridge Park with no meeting. For this year she wanted to focus a little more on education in this hobby. She also spoke of events at In The Country Gardens and Gifts.(see p. 7) She announced the following dates were open yet for hosting meetings: March, the 2 meetings in April, May 23rd and October.

Vice president, Dave Bell, started his 3-P program. Kerry mentioned a problem with string algae. Another member mentioned problems with a Pecosamus attacking other fish in their pond. Many members were experiencing spring fish kills already.

Monica and Larry Thompson and myself spoke about our recent trip to the AKCA annual seminar in San Diego. Larry Thompson received the Koi Person of the Year Award while there.

Prior to starting the meeting, Monica had posted pictures of 2 Asagi koi and asked members to pick the best fish. Larry Thompson then gave us the correct answer and told us what made one fish better than the other. Monica asked if this was something the club would like to do at meetings to learn more about koi.

Door prizes were drawn for and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted…Jackie Allsup, Sec. /Tres.

Minimum bid is $10.00
List Price is $265.00

How To control Pond Algae in your pond - Bid for a 36 Watt UV Pond Clarifier at the March 28 EIPS Meeting! There are various methods of controlling the build up of algae bloom. One method is the use of a UV sterilizer, also known as a UV clarifier. During the March 28th meeting you will be able to bid via Silent Auction on a Turbo-Twist 12x 36 Watt UV Pond Clarifier. Eliminates single-cell algae for crystal-clear ponds. Treats up to 8800 gallons of pond water. Ideal flow rate of 1000-2200 gallons per hour.

Auction rules for this first auction:

  1. A bid sheet will be available next to the UV Pond Clarifer before the start of the meeting. Persons wishing to bid may do so by placing name, signature and bid amount on the bid sheet. The minimum bid will be $10.
  2. Each succeeding bid must equal or exceed the required increment as shown on the bid sheet in order to constitute a valid bid. All bids must be in round dollar amounts. The minimum increment is $5.
  3. Each new bid must be written on the next blank line available.
  4. The silent auction will be open during the meeting and will close immediately when badges are collected for the end of meeting door prizes.
  5. The closing bid circled by the auction official constitutes the winning bid. In the event of a dispute, the auction official will act as the final authority to determine the winning bidder.
  6. The winning bidder will need to pay with check or provide exact cash as no change will be available.
  7. The Eastern Iowa Pond Society, Inc assumes no responsibility for the validity of the descriptions, authenticity, or condition of any item offered.
  8. In the event you can not make the meeting, you may email hawkskier@yahoo.com at least 12 hours prior to the beginning of the meeting with a bid. The auction official will transfer the highest email bid to the first entry on the bid sheet. Only the highest email bid will be made public at the start of business meeting.

We have received several very good products so expect more auctions for future meetings.

Bob & Stephanie Geers - Commercial Relations Committee

Click to see pictures of EIPS members at San Diego AKCA Koi Show.

Click to see more pictures.

Linda & Donovan Burke
Elizabeth & Andy Hosmanek
Ruth & David Low
Mike Swanson - Koi Acres
Deb Vogel

What a great way to start off 2009. It was so nice to see everyone again. 35 members attending. Welcome new members Donovan & Linda Burke and Elizabeth & Andy Hosmanek attended their 1st meeting at the home of Jeff Garner and Kerry Shaner. I would like to thank Jeff & Kerry for opening their home and their wonderful hospitality to us.

We kicked the year off with a great potluck, which I want to specify this is “not” a requirement when you host a meeting. We are appreciative that you have offered to host a meeting this year. Jeff and Kerry started off the year meeting with a Jimmy Buffet theme and served BBQ along with drinks to get everyone in the mood for warm weather. As usual our members also brought delicious dishes to share.

I’m very excited about our club cookbook. Trust me you’ll want to purchase one for yourself, family and friends. Thank you to Erma Thompson, Kathi Albrecht, and Maria Hamilton for their time and dedication to this project, and all who have sent recipes.

This is my last year as your president and I am looking forward to making it another great year with everyone and sharing fresh new ideas for the club.



When it is small, it will be hidden behind the other colorful varieties. Because it grows very fast, it grows bigger and bigger. Without realizing it, the Chagoi becomes King of the pond. Its huge appetite makes it round and fat. It swims with great presence. They are usually friendly and can be a popular pet for a family.

Points of Chagoi

Because we enjoy the Chagoi’s distinguished body and regal swimming, it must first have good body conformation. A thin body will not create the illusion of presence. A body as round as the one in the picture is ideal. The color must be even from one end to the other end. Finally, a beautiful net pattern is important. This Koi is a good model of Chagoi. The Ginrin on its shoulder is a fault and it would be better if it were not there.

Click to see a picture of a Chagoi.

Click to see a pictures of a Midori Chagoi - Greenish type and Soragoi - blue-gray Chagoi.

Permission from Mamoru Kodama author of Kokugyo Vol. Introduction of Nishikigoi

10% Discounts

see April’s Newsletter or the Commercial Supporters page.

In the Country Garden & Gifts
Iowa City Landscaping & Garden Center
Earl May, NE side only
Home & Garden Metal Art by A.J.
Koi Acres

E.I.P.S. Wishes Gail Thomas a speedy recovery after her surgery.

Robert Hollenbeck had his photo published on a CD “A Christmas Tapestry” The University of Northern Iowa Varsity Men’s Glee Club. Congratulations, Robert!

Click to see Robert's picture.

March Birthdays

Jackie Allsup - 10th

If you would like your birthday printed in the newsletter, email us at mespringcove@aol.com or sign in with the Hospitality Committee: Elena Murillo or Gil Morley.

Mike Swanson of Koi Acres out of Scandia, MN. will be giving current club members a 10% off a purchase of koi. Visit his web site at www.koiacres.com.

Join Us At...

In The Country Garden & Gifts
Mark your calendar to attend the following:

**April 18 – Succulent Gardens – (10:30 am) Fun & Easy to grow! Create your own care-free succulent garden! $40 per garden.

**April 25 – Carnivorous Bog Bowl Gardens - (10:30 am) Pitcher Plants, Venus Fly Traps, Sundews...Learn about these fascinating, bug eating plants and create your own mini bog bowl! $40 per garden.

May 9 & 10 – Spring in the Country Open House – (9 am – 5 pm) Celebrate spring with us and enjoy specials and discounts.

June 20 – Hosta & Dessert Social - (9 am – 5 pm) Mingle with fellow hosta lovers while having dessert in the hosta garden! Special hostas available, games, prizes, and hosta swap at 1 pm.

** Pre-registration required

See website or call for details on these and other events.


Coming on July 28th


  • Shades of Green
  • Miniatures around Pond and Garden
  • Koi
  • Winter Pond/Garden Scene

Must be your own pond/garden
4x6 size only
2 pics per category

Great Prizes
Pictures will go on our web site.

Membership Dues Deadline April 1st. Don’t miss an exciting upcoming Year!!!!

We have been nursing some pond plants inside this winter in hopes of getting a better start this spring. We were adding water today and found a fish! It was at least three inches already! No idea what it is (probably a gold fish but it is still all gray). What a surprise. The little guy is fat so he is obviously well fed even though we didn’t know he was there. Now we will be paranoid until we can put him back into the pond.

We actually have two containers with plants in them. We found a slightly larger fish in the second one today and he is showing some gold color around his gills. Wow! At least two! Never had any idea this could happen. What a surprise. Better than saving the plants!!

Tom & Toni Hauer

Wow...Thank you, Jo and Gary Hunerdosse for sending in this unusual icescape. You never know what you’ll see in your pond during the winter. Jo and Gary, I hope you enter these in the photo contest in July.

Click to see Jo and Gary's ice pictures.

Send in your stories, good or bad. This section is for you, members. Take the time and share with your fellow ponders. Every time you contribute to the newsletter your name goes in to a year-end drawing.

As a "Thank You" to those who contributed a recipe to the cookbook, we will include a picture of your pond. If you would like your picture included, please send one photo to Monica @ mespringcove@aol.com. Also, include your authorization to use your name and town (no address will be used).

We have pictures of the following: Helms, Morley/Murillo, Allsup, Jayne, Unkel, Thompson, Milden, Gardner/Shaner, Michel, Geers, Bell, Isard, Gaddis, and Beuter.

Photos must be received by March 28.

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

Times determined by the Host/Hostess

Programs will be updated as available along with the times of the meetings.

Inside home or garage is a possibility with Iowa weather during March & April Meetings

March 28th (Saturday)
(inside home) OPEN

April 9th (Thursday)
(inside home) OPEN

April 25th (Saturday)
( inside home) OPEN

May 14th (Thursday)
Erma & Larry Thompson

May 23rd (Saturday)
Dorothy Helms

June 11th (Thursday)
LouAnn & Larry Jayne

June 27th (Saturday)
Pre Pond Tour

July 12th (Sunday)
Pond Tour

July 25th (Saturday)
Elena Murillo/Gil & Monica Morley
4th Annual Photo Contest

August 13th (Thursday)
Cecy & Bob Bisenius

August 22nd (Saturday)
Jackie & Harry Allsup

September 10th (Thursday)
Lavonne & Dick Isard

September 26th (Saturday)
Pat & Wayne Beuter

October 24th (Saturday)

Recognition Night

Contact Monica mespringcove@aol.com or 294-4866 if you would like to host in March or April or October.

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