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May 2006 Newsletter
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In This Issue: May 2006

Thursday, May 11, 2006
6:00 pm
Elena Murillo and Monica & Gill Morley
6207 Spring Cove St NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

6:00 pm
Sneak Preview of the Show and Tell Photo Contest

7:00 pm
Nature Photography: John McHugh, Windsong Photography And the meeting.

From I-380 South bound in Cedar Rapids, take the Boyson Road exit. Go left (east) on Boyson road. Go about 1 ½ miles. When you reach Council Street you are close. Continue one more block on Boyson watching for Walden on the right. Turn right onto Walden, then left on English Lane. Then left onto Spring Cove.

Saturday, May 27, 2006
4:00 pm
Quinn and Kacy Novak
601 Wilder Drive SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

EIPS Buy, Sell and Trade: Fish, Pond and Landscaping Supplies

Items should be related to water features, landscape/garden, or fish. If you have a lot or want to display the items well, provide your own tables and we will setup in the driveway so we keep the traffic off the yard. Please mark your items with the names, and general care if it is a plant. And finally, price it or mark it free or will trade.

If you are familiar with Cedar Rapids, take Mt. Vernon Road SE out towards the Hy-Vee. Continue over the hill. Wilder is on the left close to the bottom of the hill. If you are coming in from out of town you might consider skirting Cedar Rapids and coming in Mt. Vernon road from Highway 13. Wilder Lane will be about 2 miles in from Highway 13 and on the right. You will miss all the city traffic.

Our Thursday, April 13th meeting was held at the home of Joe Hall in Cedar Rapids. Every year we try to hold at least one meeting during a raging thunderstorm and this was the night for such a meeting. Fortunately, I arrive early enough to get to view Joe’s pond and miniature railroad set up. I had never been to such an exhibit and found it absolutely one of the coolest uses of a pond I’ve seen! Joe’s train went around the pool, threw tunnels, and over bridges, making it a very unique display. Unfortunately, as he began talking to us a little about his delightful work, it began to pound us with rain. While he could, he talked about how garden railroading was not well known. It tended to be a family orientated hobby. Joe made his own filter and skimmer and designed the whole layout. It featured miniature plants, multiple buildings, and a landscaped design fitting a miniature RR. (Thanks, Joe, for the short meeting and hopefully we can get back someday)

Because of the rain, president, Monica Morley, invited everyone back to her house to finish the meeting. So with a slight delay, everyone moved to a new, much drier location, Monica’s garage. While tornado sirens whined in the background, we began the business portion of the meeting. Vice president, Pam Moore, mentioned one correction to the March minutes. I had wrote that the “incorporated” status that the club now has, helped to provide liability insurance to the club officers in event someone may want to sue the club. When in fact, it provides this protection to ALL members of the club. So if someone, for some reason, wanted to sue EIPS for say an injury at one of our events, no one member could be held responsible. They could only sue the club for it’s assets; our treasury. (I hope I explained that well enough)

There was no treasurer’s report, as Joe was not present.

There was no further new business. In old Business, I, Jackie Allsup, talked briefly about the Expo and sent around the volunteer sign up sheet. I still have open spots at the ticket table and club information table for anyone willing to help.

Tim Nolan spoke about the photo contest rules. It’s not too late to enter, but the May 11th meeting will be your last chance as we will vote on them, as a club, then.

We had many door prizes to give out and some such as a set of underwater lights, where really nice gifts. It pays to go to meetings. You may not have to buy food all year long. Eileen Serbousek won the lights. Other winners included; myself, Gill Morley, Julie Thompson, Robert Hollenbeck, Luke Durnan, Kathryn Durnan, Pat Beuter, Clarence Serbousek, and Tim Nolan. Meeting was adjourned…

Respectfully, Jackie Allsup

Saturday, April 22nd

Our Saturday meeting was held at the home of our treasurer and his wife, Joel and Judy Olsen in Independence. President, Monica Morley, began the meeting by introducing guest speaker Devon Dietz. Devon is an apprentice master gardener, who has traveled all over the world. He gave a wonderful talk on Dwarf Conifers and their care. From his talk on conifers he drifted into rock gardens and designing with them. He gave us a great handout with tons of information. His pictures of Japanese gardens were most inspiring. He mentioned the Master Gardeners plant sale in Marion on May 20th. (The same day as our Expo – so get up early and get over there and then spend the rest of the day at the Expo!) They always have tons of great “home grown” plants, but they go fast.

After Devon’s presentation, Monica began the business meeting. Joe gave a treasures report and the May 1st deadline for yearly dues was mentioned. After May 1, you will no longer receive the newsletter via mail, so please be sure to get that taken care of. New member, Jim Schuller, was present. He has no pond yet, but is doing it right, by researching first. Welcome, Jim. There was no report from the pond tour committee. I mentioned that everything is still on track with the Expo and that nothing new had popped up.

In unfinished business, Monica reported that the State of Iowa, had accepted our application for incorporation, so that’s a done deal.

Tim again mentioned the photo contest and welcomed all entries. All the photos will then travel to EIPS informational booths throughout the year.

Joyce Jensen, spoke briefly and presented a petition she was asking members to sign regarding the proposed construction of a coal powered electrical plant in the Waterloo area. She believed the adverse health and environmental effects far outweighed any job benefits the factory would bring.

Monica mentioned she sent the web page: Milliondollartropicalfishpage. com information about the club. They have a free club directory. She also mentioned that copies of the club’s new by laws were available if you wanted them. Because of its length and printing cost, we’ll only send them out upon requests. Please contact her if you’d like a copy.

Joe talked about his beautiful pond. Crystal clear with large happy Koi and blue gills, its 3 foot deep and about 3000 gallons. He’s had some difficulties with his pond in past winters, basically because it is almost built above ground, but is learning to work through them. Joe and Judy have extensive gardens which were not as evident this time of the year, but you couldn’t help but notice the tall totem pole, monk, and lady that they have carved out of their tree stumps. A local artesian did all the chain saw carving. Joe also talked about an area of his yard that he’s working with the local Pheasants Forever club to develop.

Again, we had some great door prizes. In addition, Joe and Judy donated some plants and a large bag of Cocoa mulch. We also had a great Water gardening book to give away along with the usual fish food and pond supplies. Joe Hall, Dorothy Helms, Jim Milden, Stephanie Geers, Elden Happel, Pam Moore, Elena, Murillo, Judy Halfhill, Judy Olsen, and I were the lucky ones that day.

To close the meeting, I gave a brief talk on netting and handling fish. We talked about the different types of nets and their uses along with the correct way to “bowl a fish” as opposed to lifting the fish from the pond using the net, which can result in fin injuries. I also spoke about preventative ways to eliminate fish population explosions, such as removing eggs prior to the hatch, or creating unisex ponds by keeping all females or all males in your pond. Everyone got a handout for reviewing later.

Respectfully submitted…Jackie Allsup

May’s question:

It is spring and all sorts of wonderful pond plants will be available at garden centers and from fellow ponders. What plants have you introduced to your pond and wish you had not? What mistakes have you made in plantings?

Do you have a ponding related question or problem? With over 85 members, EIPS is a tremendous resource of information. Beginning this month a new feature in the newsletter will give you a chance to ask that burning question and get feedback from the "experts " in the club. Email your questions to olywon@indytel.com...we will print them in the newsletter. Replies will be included in the following month's issue of Beneath the Surface. This will work only if you submit questions AND if club members with ideas reply (email answers to olywon@indytel.com before the last meeting of each month)...

Space is limited so be concise in both questions and responses. Let's have some fun with this.

Some suggestions for catching your goldfish and Koi in the pond.

1. You need the right net. Most people tired of battling Koi figured out that a large, round and flat net is the best to use. The larger the better. We also learned don't skimp on the quality of your net. It may make the difference between life and death someday. Look at the Aquatic Eco System web site for some ideas as well.

2. What I do is first place the net in the water and just let it sit there for an hour or so.... maybe move it slowly around so the fish get used to it being there. This may sound silly but these are adaptive creatures and need to get used to the presence of odd things in THEIR house.

3. When you are ready, pick out the fish you want to catch. This is really important as it is really too easy to chase one fish and then say..Oh darn.. I can catch that one easier... or.. maybe I want that one.. If you do this, they will win as they are better organized that you and are deliberately trying to foul you up. I know too many people who need to pull up one particular fish and when trying to do so, have others "jump" in the net instead. It is a conspiracy.. honest...

4. Follow the fish you want with the net and attempt to herd it to a corner. If you keep the net flat, it pushes through the water much easier and will allow you to come from under the fish to catch it. This may take a while and by following the one fish, you will tire it out a bit. Sure, this is stress but we can work to minimize it.

5. Once you have the fish ready to net, raise the net from under the fish keeping the side of net where the fish's nose is slightly higher so that if he attempts to swim away, he will swim into the net. It is here that he will jump out and you get to start all over again.

6. With the fish in the net (finally), you do not have to even remove him completely from the water. Most of us use a bowl and move the fish from the net to the bowl while the net and bowl are at the surface of the water. This is particularly important for larger fish who have the potential to break nets or owner's wrists fighting the weight of a long net and a fat fish. What I do for a scrape and scope is slide the net to edge of the pond with the fish at the water line and scrape him still in the net. And then take one quick peek at the gills (always do this when you handle a fish as this is the most telling diagnostic area on the fish) and then let them go. Less stress for everyone.

7. If this is a bigger fish, expect the gills to bleed some. This happens because the fish is stressed and his blood pressure is up and the gills are only a cell or two thick. Most people panic when this happens the first time so be forewarned that it is likely to happen but not a big deal.

8. You are gonna get wet.

Patience and persistence are the keys to catching fish. Focus on one fish and maneuver him to the corner and net him from underneath moving the net to the surface.

Random thoughts:

· Pop up clothes hamper. Placed in the pond just under the surface. Add sinking food for a few days and allow fish to swim in and out, then simple pick it up one day.

· Black nets are harder to see.

· Get help, it can be a two man job.

The first ever pond trade show in the Heartland!

May 20th, 2006
Hawkeye Downs Fairgrounds
Cedar Rapids, IA
$6.00 gets you into everything!

Huge Trade Show! First of it's kind in Iowa!
Vendors from all over the country will be there to show you what's new in the water gardening and fish world.

Goldfish and Koi vendors
Pond supply vendors (Nets, pumps, filters, plants, and food)
One stop shopping!

Expert Speakers all Day!

9:00 Doors Open
9:30 - 9:45 Welcome - The Three Laws of Ponding - Bob Passovoy
9:45-10:25 Water Plants - Ann Passovoy
10:35-11:25 Filtration - Dr. Kevin Novak
11:35- 12:25 Water Quality - Bob Passovoy
12:25 - 1:00 Lunch - food on premises
1:00 - 1:30 Pond Side Triage - Bob Passovoy & Bryan Bateman
1:30 - 2:00 Fish Nutrition - Stephanie McLean
2:10 - 3:00 Goldfish varieties and care -Peter Ponzio
3:10 - 4:00 Koi classifications and care - Dr. Bryan Bateman
4:00 - Pond Q & A Panel
5:00-7:00 Trade show still open
7:00 Closed- Thanks for coming!

Subject to change

Fliers and Vendor Information can be found on the Pond Expo page.

Quick reminder to all those who accepted a mat to enter the photo contest. Bring them with you to the meeting, May 11th. I will be happy to mount your picture for you that night. A gift to all participants. It will be a evening of fun and surprises. E-mail me with any questions.


To keep it easy to remember, lets just say the newsletter deadline is the Monday after the last meeting of the month. So if you are the member of the month or an officer or committee chairperson and need something in the newsletter, get it to me as soon as possible. Thank you


It is spring and many of the ISU Master Gardeners and garden centers are have gardening evens, open houses and speakers. For the next couple months watch this purple pencil logo for lists of area events. And if you know of one you would like other EIPS members to know about, email that information to me at Fishlounge1@cs.com. Watch for area events.

Indian Creek Nature Center Plant Sale

Saturday, May 6th.

The Nature Center Guild offers wildflowers, hostas, geraniums, and a variety of perennials and prairie plants for your choosing. Numerous vendors provide garden art and accessories to create a charming garden showcase in your yard.


Indian Creek Nature Center
6665 Otis Road SE Cedar Rapids

Spring In the Country Open House

May 13th
In The Country Garden & Gifts
Independence, Iowa

Josh & Sue invite you to visit them during their Open House, see the new greenhouse and hear these speakers:

10 am - Edible Flowers from Garden to Palate
with Cathy Wilkinson Barash

12 pm - Evening Gardens - Nighttime is the Right Time to Enjoy the Garden
with Cathy Wilkinson Barash

1:30 pm - Pond Construction 101
with Owen Twedt

Registration is not required, but is greatly appreciated!

You can register by calling (319-334-6593), e-mail info@inthecountrygardenandgifts.com

Check out the web site www.inthecountrygardenandgifts.com For additional information.

Once a year Fertilizer have arrived

The Pond Pak 1-year time release fertilizer packets from JRP International are in. If you ordered some or even if you did not and would like some,

Contact - Larry & Rita Tharp 396-3293 or tharp.larry@mcleodusa.com.

They are 25 cents per packet.

For Sale
Whiskey Barrel liners
4 – Lerio Barrels fit the large whiskey 1/2 barrels
Sharon Weiss 472-5417 or country-bloomer@msn.com

Hardy Lilies

Last weekend I helped my mother-in-law split and repot some 40 lilies. As a result she has about 100 bare root unmarked lilies to sell. There are all sizes of roots from good big ones, to smaller pieces. She's asking anywhere from 7.00 for the bigger ones to 2.00 for the smaller pieces. These are lilies she has paid upward to $30.00 each for originally, but with no markers as to what color you're getting, it's a grab bag. But they include whites, yellows, pinks and reds. Anyone interested in purchasing any of these needs to call me: Jackie Allsup - 319-934-3665.


Curt Moore 5-6
Rose Michel 5-10
Jim Milden 5-10
Faith Miene 5-14

We would love to remember your birthday. If you have not submitted your birthday, please contact the Hospitality Committee. Elena & Gil / Hospitality Committee

Use this handy graphic to understand what is happening in your pond depending on the water temperature.

Click to view the Average Weekly Water Temperature Chart

I’m a Native of Cedar Rapids. Graduated from Regis High School 1973. Flower gardens have been passed from generation to generation in my family. My grandmother and mother inspired me to start my own flower garden when I had my own home. One weekend Gil and I took all the sod out from our back yard and planted flowers, hostas and put in a vegetable garden.

We attended a pond talk at Culvers and “Bam” I got the water garden bug. Gil and I purchased a 180 gal. preformed pond. It was a learning experience for both of us. I knew nothing about Koi or the care they needed when introducing them to a new pond. We bought two Koi in April and I put them in the pond, which was newly filled. Most of you know what happened, you got it we lost both Koi due to the fact we did not do our homework. In 2002 we joined the pond club. It has been a good experience sharing how we learn different ideas on getting more enjoyment from this hobby.

In 2000 my father past away. 2001 Gil and I and my mother decided to put our homes up for sale and build a house for all three of us. The lot had a back yard with many slopes. No fun cutting the grass. We hired Country Landscape and I got the pond of my dreams. I went from a 180 gal. To 4300 gal. and we did not need to dig a hole this time around. Now it’s the job of maintaining it. Which I’m not complaining, I joined many fellow ponders getting initiated by falling in a couple of times. A couple of summers ago I thought the pump was going bad. I kept hearing this sound. I thought for sure something was rubbing down at the skimmer. It turned out to be a bullfrog calling his mate. We had a good laugh on that one. The frogs have taken up residence at our pond.

We do a lot of entertaining with family, friends and neighbors. Our water garden has set off a chain reaction in our neighborhood. Three have put ponds in their back yard. Two more are planning on one in the near future.

We have spent many tranquil moments enjoying the serenity. As the birds, butterflies and dragonflies stop by with an occasional visit. For me it’s a family affair. Our pond brings people together and puts everyone in a relax state. At the end of the day it’s a natural antidote for the stress of the day. A great experience from the soothing sounds of the waterfalls to the aroma of the flowers. The pond means different things to different people. For me it’s where I vacation everyday without ever leaving home. I highly recommend it to everyone.


Following are the 2006 committees and the names of those who volunteered at the November meeting.


no one!!!!


*Bob & Stephanie Geers 363-2448 hawkskier@yahoo.com


*Kacy Novak 362-0487 cqknovak@msn.com


*Gary & Jo Hunerdosse 364-6627 gfhunk@mchsi.com


*Carol Sindelar 365-1839 fishlounge1@cs.com


*Brandy & Lisa Lanham 362-7672 lanhamb1@earthlink.com


*Carol Sindelar 365-1839 fishlounge1@cs.com


*Ron & Edna Rife 247-0206 RLrife@aol.com


*Jackie Allsup 934-3665 Cedarserviceja@aol.com
Pat Beuter 448-4147
Kathryn Durnan 448-4681 DKL4489@AOL.com
Dennis Sindelar 365-1839 fishlounge1@cs.com
Roger Thompson 854-7229
Faith Miene 393-4142 rfmiene@yahoo.com
Richard Miene 393-4142 rfmiene@yahoo.com
Tim Nolan 363-9408 nolans@mcleodusa.net

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application


(Thurs) 11
Murillo and Morley
6207 Spring Cove St NE
Cedar Rapids
Nature Photography: John McHugh, Windsong Photography
Responsibility: Jim

(Sat) 27
Quinn and Kacy Novak
601 Wilder Drive SE
Cedar Rapids
EIPS Buy, Sell and Trade: Fish, Pond and Landscaping Supplies
Responsibility: Stephanie/Rose


(Thurs) 8
Brandy and Lisa Lanham
2057 Eastern Blvd SE
Cedar Rapids
Bat Houses: Master Gardener
Responsibility: Erma

(Sat) 24
Bob and Stephanie Geers
3615 Honey Hill Dr SE
Cedar Rapids
Making Cement Stepping Stones: Erma Thompson
Responsibility: Erma


(Sun) 9
Locations: TBD
Pre-Pond Tour

(Sat) 22
Joyce Jensen
172 Gray Street
Elk Run Heights
Ice Cream Social & Cake Decorating Contest: Aquatic Theme
Responsibility: Rose


(Thurs) 10
Gary and Jo Hunerdosse
306 Red Fox Rd SE
Cedar Rapids
Landscaping for Residential Areas with High Deer Population: Brian Hughes, Smith-Massman Landscape and Design
Responsibility: Larry

(Sat) 26
Robert and Roberta Ward
3313 Waveland Dr. NW
Cedar Rapids
Fall Bulbs and Plantings: Master Gardener
Responsibility: Jim


(Thurs) 14
Larry and Rita Tharp
338 Mayberry Dr. NW
Cedar Rapids
Program: Open Discussion on Pond Related Topics
Responsibility: Stephanie?

(Sat) 23
Murillo and Morleys
6207 Spring Cove St NE
Cedar Rapids
Jackie Allsup, Pond Fish and Their Care
Responsibility: Larry


(Sat) 21
Larry and Erma Thompson
131 Rosedale Rd SE
Cedar Rapids
Larry Thompson: Winterizing Your Pond
Responsibility: Larry


(Sat) 18
Pizza Village
Election of Officers

Agenda: Business Meeting: 30-40 minutes
Program: 30-45 minutes
Tour of host’s pond/water features: 40-60 minutes

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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