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November 2006 Newsletter
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In This Issue: November 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006
Cooper's Mill Restaurant
100 F Ave NW Cedar Rapids

Members will pay for their own meal.

There will be a room reserved for EIPS.

This is the end of the season, elections and planning for 2007 meetings. If you are interested in the life of the club, this is the meeting to attend. Do you have a topic you would like covered at a meeting? We will be brainstorming meeting program ideas. Would you like the club to come visit your pond? There will be an opportunity to sign up to host a meeting. Want to be on the pond tour? We will get started on the 2007 pond tour, selecting a committee and location.

EIPS is a great club, built on a solid foundation from years of commitment from its founding members. Come build on that foundation and continue sharing the joy of ponding.

October 21, 2006

The meeting was called to order on a rainy Saturday after noon by president Monica Morley. Hosts Larry & Erma Thompson were gracious enough to invite the 12 members in attendance into their family room which overlooks the ponds. We all took a premeeting tour of the Fish & Bird room, admiring the indoor ponds where some beautiful goldfish and floating islands of plants were being wintered.

Larry was very organized and lead a discussion on winterizing our ponds. The group created a list of items we felt were the minimum that needed to be done to keep fish in the pond over the winter in Iowa:

* Heater and aerator to keep a hole in the ice. The heater did not need to be on at all times but available when the weather gets really cold to keep the hole open. An air stone will keep a hole open most of the winter.

* We discussed the super cooling controversy briefly.

* Remove dead leaves/debris prior to the freeze

* Inspect fish for disease prior to reaching 50*

* If necessary (if you or your neighbors have trees, “leaf net” to keep leaves out

* Good water quality to start the winter season. Do a water change in late fall.

Other suggestions:

* Noodles can bee used as floatation to float the leaf net, etc.

* A truck tire makes a good light holder for the deicer.

* Driftwood (an noodles) can be added to cushion the affects of ice expansion on the pond liner.

* Building a greenhouse over the pond can keep water temps above 40° most winters.

* How deep is deep enough for fish in Iowa— 2 1/2 feet minimum. 48 inches is the contractor's frost line. The deeper the better.

* The group discussed how long members felt fish will survived if the pond freezes over? A day, maybe two. Not long. Be repaired with a heater that can be plugged in.

Then the members shared how they wintered their ponds.

Click for chart of members' wintering methods.

Treasurer's report

Brucemore event registration & supplies $22.86
September & October newsletters 153.81

Ending balance $4426.08

Erma had plenty of yummy snacks and as we enjoyed her hospitality Monica shared some announcements:

* No door prizes today. Not available

* Passed clipboard to sign up for 2007 meetings

* November meeting will be at Cooper’s Mill in CR. Dutch treat. Election of officers, recognition of members, and the year end door prize drawing. Reminder, you must be present to win. So if you were at any of the meetings this year your name will be in the drawing.

* If members are attending craft sales this fall and come across people who should be invited to exhibit at our expo, get their contact information to Monica or Jackie.

* Please watch for county extension service bus trips to garden shows so we can share the information in the newsletter next year.

* Monica is looking for winter pond pictures to show how they look frozen and how the opening looks..

* Monica shared some of the input received from an idea handout from the last meeting. A copy is included in this issue and the club would appreciate your input. Is EIPS meeting your ponding information and support needs?

Meeting adjourned and the Hawkeye’s game was turned on. Go Hawks!

Submitted—Carol Sindelar

I have receiving may thanks for a job well done on the newsletter. I just want to share my belief about a good newsletter. It is only good if the organization's members contribute interesting articles and reports. Thanks for the support and keep up the good writing and help the new editor look good.



Larry Thompson 4th
Robert Hollenbeck 29th
Joyce Jensen 30th

We would love to remember your birthday. If you have not submitted your birthday, please contact the Hospitality Committee. Elena & Gil / Hospitality Committee

Ideas that you would like the club to do in the next year. Add comments.

Ideas to improve attendance
Seminar topics
Informal Dec & Jan meetings ? Yes/no?
Field trip Ideas
Mini Night time Pond Tour to view lights in ponds. Yes/no
Do you have lights and would you participate? Yes/no
Comments & suggestions

Print off the idea sheet and return to Monica at or before the November meeting. You can also email your comments to mespringcove@aol.com.

Idea Sheet

Some ideas that have already come in for 2007:

* Fund Raiser calendars with members ponds as the pictures.
* Summer BBQ
* Later meetings on Saturdays
* Go back to 7 pm Saturday or Sunday meetings
* Evening meetings on Saturdays
* Fall weenie roast
* Monthly treasurer's report in the newsletter
* Bus trip for members
* Picnic (social) with a Saturday meeting once or twice
* Form a “Pond Squad” to assist members with problems
* Bus Trip to Botanical Gardens in Chicago
* Another swap meeting to exchange plants, fish or no longer needed equipment

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