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October 2006 Newsletter
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In This Issue: October 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006
2:00 pm
Larry and Erma Thompson
131 Rosedale Rd SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

And our speaker will be Larry Thompson: Winterizing Your Pond

Coming in November

Saturday, November 18, 2006
Cooper's Mill Restaurant
100 F Ave NW Cedar Rapids

Members will pay for their own meal.

This is the end of the season, elections and planning for 2007 meeting. If you are interested in the life of the club, this is the meeting to attend. There will be a room reserved for EIPS.

Our monthly Thursday night meeting was held at the home of Rita and Larry Tharp of Cedar Rapids.

The Tharp’s pond is 7 years old now and is a 3 ½’ deep rubber lined pond. Surrounded by field stone collected from area fields and well landscaped, this pond’s crystal clear water was alive with numerous goldfish and Koi. The Tharp’s pond has been a feature in one of the club’s pond tours in the past. It was a nice evening, for a change, so we got to sit outside and enjoy the sounds of their waterfalls. The Tharps had several extra plants to give away, which was kind of them, also.

President, Monica Morley, called the club to order. Minutes to the August meetings were approved as printed. There was no treasurer’s report. Monica handed sign up sheets (which she will continue to do at more meetings) and asked people to sign up for committees for next year. We usually do this in November, but that meeting is always so busy that she thought maybe we could get a jump start on it. She also handed out papers for suggestions of what people wanted to do next year. What changes would you like to see? The same 20-40 people come to all meetings. What do we need to do to get you lunkers (fishy term for people that never speak up or attend meetings, but just read the newsletter and stay in the shallows) to come to a meeting? This is a common problem of all clubs, sooooo………we’d like to hear from some of you out there. What’s the problem here?

Monica introduced and welcomed new members Mark and Carol Sanderson of Marion. They are beginning to build a new pond and were asking for advice. Some of the comments were: get your billfold out and build as large as you can. One comment was: “It’s a lot of work to build them”. We all laughed knowingly.

There was some discussion about the use of Barley Straw for algae control and that the Central Iowa pond club bought it in bulk by the bail and then split it up to members wanting it. It was suggested we do the same thing and I believe Ron Rife was going to check on prices and availability. Members had both good and bad comments about its use.

I thanked Monica Morley, Maria Hamilton, Erma Thompson, and Sharon Weiss for volunteering to work the booth at the Brucemore landscape show. Herman Michael along with Robert and Roberta Ward also showed to sit for awhile. It’s always a fun day and gives the club lots of great exposure.

I also asked about how the club felt about another Spring Expo? Do we or don’t we do this again, was the question? Most members were in favor of holding the event again, but we’ll probably vote later on it to be sure, so think about the pros and cons until then.

I also gave a short Pond Tech talk. This meeting’s talk was called “Choosing Fish by Their Colors or Design 101” The demonstration was based on how fish show up with a black back ground (your pond) and choosing colors that will enhance your pond’s looks. It also emphasized that less is more when it comes to the number of fish in your pond. (And not just for health reasons) There is beauty in simplicity and having but a few fish actually lets you learn to appreciate their differences more and that having too many fish doesn’t let the eye stop to relax with so many focal points darting all over the place. Hobbyist are actually better off to spend more money on better fish and have fewer of them. We plan our flower beds. We arrange our living rooms all using these same principles. Design shouldn’t stop when the construction is done.

Members also talked about some different sites for our final meeting in November. With, possibly something a little nicer, more of a banquet feeling, being introduced for this meeting. Different members were going to check on prices at different supper clubs in the area.

We again talked about pond tour proceeds and possible places to spend some of the money. An EIPS banner was suggested and some of the members were going to check on pricing.

Door prizes where drawn for as dark settled in on us. Lucky winners were: Dorothy Helms, Larry Tharp, Robert Ward, Gary Hunerdosse, Pam Moore, Curt Moore, Linda Nolan, Erma Thompson, Carol Sanderson, David Bell, and myself! Wow that’s a lot of door prizes! Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted – Jackie Allsup

Saturday, Sept. 23rd.

Our monthly Saturday meeting was held on a cool breezy afternoon at the home of Monica and Gill Morley. This was the meeting for the big garden hat contest and many members filed in wearing their creations. We had everything from live fish, to miniature ponds, to a real turtle shell hat on display. Every one got to vote for their favorites in 4 different categories. Maria Hamilton won for Best Garden related. Harry Allsup won for most creative and Monica won both best overall and best water garden related. All hats were very creative and we thank all of you for participating.

President, Monica Morley, handed out “Idea” sheets and “Committee” sign up sheets for the upcoming year. She will have a summary of what people are writing down at an up coming meeting. In old business we discussed the new location for our November banquet. It was voted to move the location to Coopers Mill in Cedar Rapids. It will be on Nov. 18th – 5:00 pm. We’ll have a reserved room and everyone will have to order from the menu at your own expense. Our meetings are always so informal, so we’d like to step up this last meeting a little and make it a little nicer for a change.

Hosting a 2007 Pond Expo was again discussed. The club voted to proceed with the planning of next years event. May 19th will be the date to mark on your calendars. So if any one knows of some great speakers we can get, please let me (Jackie) know. And as usual, this will take tons of club participation and volunteerism, so any help you can give on that front is always appreciated. More to come….

The club is looking for an inexpensive 6 foot banner for our club publicity tables. We had a few prices but we’re still looking.

There was no new business to discuss, so we took a break to dine on Monica’s buffet. MMMMmmm, good food and a great chance to just visit and catch up on what others were doing for awhile.

Following our meal, I, Jackie Allsup, gave a talk on Understanding Pathogenic Bacteria in Our Ponds. With the use of a couple graphs I tried to illustrate how sometimes seemingly healthy fish from one pond or supplier get sick and die when brought home to our own facilities. Fish health is a cause and effect process. Pathogenic Bacteria alone do not cause disease. I spoke about the disease triad and what causes illness. Then we discussed ways to make our own ponds even healthier and ways to maximize our fish’s health so that they might fight off these other wise harmless bacteria that appear naturally everywhere.

Following my talk, door prizes were drawn for with the lucky winners being: Robert Ward, Herman Michael, Robert Hollenbeck, Jim Milden, Rose Milden, Harry Allsup, Roberta Ward, Dave Bell, Gary Hunerdosse, Kathryn Durnan, and myself.

Many thanks to Monica, Gill and Elena for their hospitality and all their extra donated gifts for the hat contest. Their pond and yard is just beautiful. Be sure to stop in sometime if you get in the area.

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Allsup

Wanted, one new editor…..

I have been the editor of Beneath the Surface since 04. It has been fun. I love doing it. But I need to free up some time for another adventure. Something has to go. Unfortunately it has to be this editorship.

So EIPS is looking for a new editor. Here is how I have been creating it. A new editor can do it their way.

* Members and officers send articles and information via e-mail.
* Using Publisher (or program of choice) the text and pictures are inserted into the newsletter.
* Program corrects spelling and sometimes grammar for you.
* A pdf file is created and sent to Josh for the web site. (Josh can get you the program for this)
* Local copy shop prints out the letters from a disk (better photos than just from a printed copy)
* Send invoice to Treasurer to be reimbursed for printing & postage
* Create mailing labels from updated membership list from Treasurer.
* Fold, tape, label, add postage and mail by the week before the meeting.

Easy !! And actually fun. You can collect pictures and click art to fill in those little spaces left at the end of a page. Think of it as a challenge. An adventure. Polish up your graphic design skill and get a job at Yellow Book.

Think about it.



Don Quinn 4th
Roger Thurm 16th
Maria Hamilton 17th

We would love to remember your birthday. If you have not submitted your birthday, please contact the Hospitality Committee. Elena & Gil / Hospitality Committee

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application


(Sat) 21
Larry and Erma Thompson
131 Rosedale Rd SE
Cedar Rapids
Larry Thompson: Winterizing Your Pond
Responsibility: Larry


(Sat) 18
Pizza Village
Election of Officers

Agenda: Business Meeting: 30-40 minutes
Program: 30-45 minutes
Tour of host’s pond/water features: 40-60 minutes

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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