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September 2006 Newsletter
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In This Issue: September 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006
7:00 pm
Larry and Rita Tharp
338 Mayberry Drive NW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Ok, this is the meeting!!! Bring those questions and topics to put before the membership for discussion. We will have a pond round table discussion.

Directions: Directions: From F Avenue and Edgewood Road go south on Edgewood to E Avenue. Take E Avenue west (right) about 1 mile to Cherry Hill Road. Left on Cherry Hill then Right on D Avenue then left onto Mayberry Drive.

Saturday, September 23, 2006
5:00 pm
Murillo and Morley
6702 Spring Cove Street NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The start time will be 5:00 pm with voting on the ‘I Love My Pond/Garden Hat’ Contest, followed by a short meeting. 5:45 p.m. Buffet Dinner will be served, after dinner Jackie Allsup will speak on fish health. The meeting will conclude with the results of the contest.

Directions: From I-380 South bound in Cedar Rapids, take the Boyson Road exit. Go left (east) on Boyson road. Go about 1 ½ miles. When you reach Council Street you are close. Continue two more blocks on Boyson watching for Rolling Creek Drive on the right. Turn right onto Rolling Creek Drive, follow it around the bend to the right, then turn right onto Spring Cove.

Our regular Thursday night meeting was held at the home of Jo and Gary Hunerdosse in Cedar Rapids. Again, it tried to rain on us, so we were welcomed into the Hunerdosse’s basement. There were 23 members attending. President, Monica Morley, called the meeting to order and we started right off with Jo telling us a little about their pond. Their pond is 4 to 5 feet deep and they did all the digging themselves. They had a little help finishing it off, but they did all the landscaping and now their backyard is alive with goldfish, Koi, a healthy crop of water lettuce, and numerous other water plants and wild life.

Member, Larry Thompson, introduced our guest speaker for the evening. Brian Hughes from Smith-Massman Landscape and Design came to talk to us about deer in our gardens. Brain spoke about different deterrents including the elimination of their favorite foods, sprays, fences, myths, and hear say solutions. Many members chimed it to say what worked for them and what they had tried and didn’t work for them. As with ponds, some things worked for one guy but not the next. It’s a frustrating if not futile endeavor for many members in high deer population areas.

Minutes were accepted as printed. There was no treasurer’s report to discuss. Treasurer’s reports will only be given at the last meeting of each month. Monica reminded members that they can get copies of the treasurer’s report anytime they wanted by just requesting them ahead of time.

The hospitality committee reported mailing out 46 new membership packets! Wow, that is some kind of record!

Monica reminded members of the “I Love My Pond/Garden Hat Contest” Everyone is welcome to participate with judging to be done at the Sept 23rd meeting. Prizes for all categories will be given away.

I, Jackie, introduced a new segment to the pond meeting. Something I’m calling “Pond Tech”. This will be a short (10-15 minutes) talk on pond related topics. I’d like to invite members to come forward with things they have tried or tested and have knowledge about and would like to tell members about or if you have something you’d like explained, please suggest a topic. . The first Pond Tech subject was Fountains and Aeration were I talked about the efficiency of each in relation to the amount of dissolved oxygen that they both put into the pond. “Pond Tech” will try to concentrate on more technical knowledge of ponding, but keeping it in a very short format so as not to bore or overwhelm anyone. This week’s topic spurred lots of questions and conversations, which is what it is designed to promote.

Monica handed out a nice hand out called Plants and Fish for members to take home and read. Ron Rife told members about a new Taro he purchased called a Taiwan Elephant Ear. He said it was a small bulb, but grew huge and was beautiful. Larry Thompson mentioned that if anyone wanted their water tested for total dissolved organics, he had the test kit and would do that for them. Dorothy Helms told the group that she was getting her whole pond redone. I spoke briefly about the upcoming Brucemore Landscape and Garden show and our booth that we always put up. I asked for volunteers to help with that. Carol Sindelar mentioned to members to mail or email Josh updated pictures of their ponds for our web site.

Meeting was adjourned. Bob Geers’ name was drawn as pond person of the month to be featured in the newsletter. Door prizes were drawn for with Sharon Weiss, Pat Beuter, Kathryn Durnan, Maria Hamilton, Kacy Novak, Larry Thompson, Dorothy Helms, Dennis Sindelar, and myself all being lucky winners. Elena Murillo won the big prize of submersible lights! Cake, ice cream and goodies were served by the host and hostess. Yummy…

Respectfully submitted, Jackie Allsup

August 26th 2006 4 PM

The pond club gathered at the pond of Robert and Roberta Ward in NW Cedar Rapids. There were 23 members attending. The Wards built their pond themselves and acknowledge that all of the rock, tons, they hauled in from a farm field near Coggon. Besides the stream and waterfall in the very sunny pond area, it had a very nice Water hibiscus that solicited quite the discussion. Sharon Weiss reminded members not to add Hibiscus to the pond until it had started growing in the spring or it will rot. Roberta also had a variegated bearded Iris grown in a pot in the pond. Very nice.

The speaker for the evening was Linn County Master Gardener Kevin Habel. Fall planting of Bulbs and Fall Cleanup was the topic and although the sun was too bright to view his slides, they presentation was still interesting and affective using handouts.

Treasurer, Joe Olsen was present and able to answer all questions concerning the treasury. No problems and the balance is $4502.

Old Business: Remember the hat contest for the next meeting. (Information is available in this newsletter)

New Business: Sharon Weiss was curious why the expanded membership lists that are available (shows memberships covering several years) did not go back to the beginning. Monica explained that there was no intent to not be inclusive; this was just what was available when it was printed. Nancy Baldwin was the source for the list we have. She acknowledged with some digging, a complete list could be created.

Ron Rife brought a picture of wife Edna and dog Spencer next to a Thailand Giant elephant ear. He sent away for the plant and it came in a 3-inch pot. He called the company to complain, thinking it can’t possible grow big from this tiny start. The company said, just repot it and stand back. So he did. WOW.

Ponds problems & Questions:

Monica shared that she accidentally left the hose running in her pond for 3 hours and panicked that the fish would die. She added a whole bottle of water conditioner. Everything was OK, no deaths. She was curious as to whether she needed to panic. Members shared their stories of forgetting the hose, some with sad ending and others with happy endings. There were no consciences as to why some were ok and some died.

Reminder: Brucemore is September 9th and should be another great event. The speaker is from the program The Victory Garden.

Door prizes and winners were:

Tetra Pond Dyna Mag 750 pump – Pat Beuter
OSI Blueberry Koi Food – Monica Morley
OSI Orange Koi Food – Rosie Michel
Tetra Pond Floating Koi Sticks – Ron Rife
Pond Care Algae Fix – Dennis Sindelar
Pond Master Koi & Pond Food – Robert Ward
Wardley Pond Stix – Joe Hall
Jungle Binox – SJ Taylor
Jungle Start Right – Jo Hunerdosse
Jungle Fungus Clear – Herman Michel
Wardley 3 in 1 – Elena Murillo
Tetra Ponds Aqua Rem – Dorothy Helms
Midor Green & Grow – Eileen Serbousek

Respectfully submitted
Carol Sindelar

Here's a question for the newsletter:

I have had some trouble with tall plants (iris, sweet flag, cattails) floating around the pond. When they are shorter earlier in the spring they stay put but in August I find them laying over, floating around the pond. How do I weight the pot so it stays put and upright?

Jo Hunerdosse

And a helpful hint from another member:

I received some fish this summer that had anchor worms but I want you to know first that they are doing great. I found an anchor worm on the tail of one but treated with Dimilin and all is well. I have gone through this with Koi I have gotten because it is fairly common with fish from a mud pond and easy enough to get rid of. And as a reminder, most Koi for sale in the retail market are from a mud bottom pond somewhere. So, if anyone else is noticing little sores with a little threadlike worm tell them Dimilin.

Ron Weber

Do you have a ponding related question or problem or an answer to this question? With over 100 members, EIPS is a tremendous resource of information. Here is your chance to ask that burning question and get feedback from the "experts" in the club. Email your questions to olywon@indytel.com...we will print them in the newsletter. Replies will be included in the following month's issue of Beneath the Surface. This will work only if you submit questions AND if club members with ideas reply (email answers to olywon@indytel.com before the last meeting of each month)...

Space is limited so be concise in both questions and responses. Let's have some fun with this.

Many of us are lamenting the short notice for this event. Some did not get the word about the event until it was over. But for those who could make it, the Open House at Kloubec’s Fish Farm was great. Here are some pictures taken by Jackie Allsup. But Larry Arnold from Aqualand in Des Moines took great pictures also and added commentary. Check out the Aqualand web site.

See more pictures here.

Josh Spece & Sue Spece, club members and owners of In The Country Garden & Gifts, Independence, Iowa were on KCRG TV our town during August. Many of you saw the clip on the news, but for those who didn't you can read the story and watch the video online:


They have received many nice comments from those who saw it and want to say thank you!

Who belongs to the EIPS? Well, you can find out because we have a current membership list available when you sign in at the meetings.

What are we going to be doing at pond club next year? That is up to you… At the November meeting we will be electing new officers, and volunteering to work on committees. And it is the program committee that recruits all the great speakers we have. If you have a program idea for next year or would like to serve on the program committee, be sure to attend the November meeting.

Please remember the September 14th meeting for your pond questions. We will be spending the entire program time on members questions and comments.


The topic today is images for the Newsletter or Web site. Two words...Reduce...Resize.

What I am talking about is the size of picture you are sending to Josh or Carol. Neither the Website nor the Newsletter needs an 8 ½ x 11 glossy photo to create a great image. Some where in the 2 x 3 size is really great. So please, take a minute explore your imaging software. Look for something that says image or resize. Whichever, click on it and see if you can resize, reduce those photos. We love them, but we both have dial-up and it takes nearly an hour some times to download your great shots.

Next, you, the membership have been doing a great job getting information and images to the newsletter. Remember, the editor only puts together items submitted. Editors don’t write. Unless I have to write. So keep sending in articles about your experiences in the pond. I keep hearing the newsletter is looking pretty good and that is all because of the contributors.

The newsletter deadline is the Monday after the last meeting of the month. Have a leisurely and colorful fall.

Thank you


There are no limits what your pond/garden hat could be. It can be whimsical, extreme or anything you want it to be. Again your fellow ponders will vote on the best hat. I will have straw cowboy hats available free to anyone wanting to have some fun and get in touch with their creative inner self. You can decorate any style of hat you have from sun hats to baseball hats. There is only one catch if you take a cowboy hat you need to bring it back to enter it in the contest or donate $5.00 to the club.

The contest will be at the September 23rd meeting. Hats will be available at each meeting. Prizes to the brave ones who wear them to the meeting!

Missing in action —– still

In all of the chaos and celebration after the pond tour, we are short 3 of the new pond tour signs. If you collected the signs after the tour and were awaiting orders as to what to do with them. Please contact Tim Nolan at nolans@mcleodusa.net or 363-9408. Thanks.

A Good Deal

Hey, I’ve got a half dozen Koi from 6-15 inches that I'd like to find a home for before winter. 934-3665 if interested.


Jackie Allsup - Quasqueton


Greg Bickal 11th
Roger Thompson 21st
Judy Olsen 21st
Linda Nolan 29th

We would love to remember your birthday. If you have not submitted your birthday, please contact the Hospitality Committee. Elena & Gil / Hospitality Committee

Eastern Iowa Pond Society Membership Application


(Sat) 21
Larry and Erma Thompson
131 Rosedale Rd SE
Cedar Rapids
Larry Thompson: Winterizing Your Pond
Responsibility: Larry


(Sat) 18
Pizza Village
Election of Officers

Agenda: Business Meeting: 30-40 minutes
Program: 30-45 minutes
Tour of host’s pond/water features: 40-60 minutes

All locations and topics are subject to change. Read your monthly newsletter for details and updates.

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